Samsung Galaxy X – What Is This Smartphone All About?

March 7, 2018

Last year, Samsung has received excellent response from its customers and critics as well for its two major offerings – Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Both these smartphones are packed with many interesting features such as the infinity display, 12MP main camera, Exynos processor, Samsung DeX, wireless charger and many others. This year, it came up with Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. These too, have a plenty of advanced aspects like the 3D Touch, 6.2-inch display screen, rear dual camera setup, Bixby vision camera and so on. Now, there are reports that the next smartphone from Samsung will be the Samsung Galaxy X or Samsung Galaxy 10.

Earlier, it was speculated that the name Samsung Galaxy X would be used for the brand’s first upcoming foldable smartphone. However, the latest reports reveal that the South Korean company might be using this name for its next S Series flagships. Based on this information, many online sources are claiming that the company would no longer be using the S naming scheme in the days ahead.

Samsung is said to have faced some issues in relation to the increased screen percentage for the Samsung Galaxy S9. But such issues may not be seen in the Samsung Galaxy X as it is likely to get 93% screen-to-body ratio. Moreover, it may also sport the OLED screen instead of the Super AMOLED panel.

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Apart from this, there is also news that the brand will be developing its own CPU and GPU. Even for most of its previous models, Samsung has used its own chipsets, but relied on the ARM for the GPU. But for Samsung Galaxy X mobile, it might get a custom-designed GPU. Hopefully, there might also be the Neural Processing Unit in this handset. Huawei is another company, which uses its own NPU for the Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

This next offering of Samsung is also anticipated to feature the UFS 3.0 storage standard, 5G network as well as LPDDR5 memory. Besides these, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10 may include the fast facial recognition, which might be capable of recognizing the individual unlocking the smartphone. There might be another option as well to unlock it using the Facebook profile.

However, the above-mentioned details are only the rumors about Samsung Galaxy X that are doing rounds online. There is still a long time for the brand to release the Samsung X, probably this year end or the coming year. Hence, it is very soon to come to a conclusion about the features and specifications it may carry. Also, there is no word about the Samsung Galaxy X price yet. Only further leaks or announcements will get us a clear idea of what this smartphone will offer us when released. everything about this are just speculated information , mean while have a look at Samsung galaxy S10 specifications and Samsung Galaxy S10 release date.

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  • very intresting blog got to know lot about Samsung Galaxy X/ Samasung Galaxy S10 smartphone . this device has amazing features and foldable feature takes technology update to next level.i am very curious to know about this samsung Galaxy X, how the foldable smartphone going to look like. need to wait for 2019 to get clear confirmation about samsung galaxy s10.

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  • smartphone Brands are having neck to neck competition with advancements in technology,and foldable smartphones are the future of smartphones and Samsung galaxy X was the first rumor to come up with foldable smartphones concept.its going to take time for galaxy X release date as nothing is confirmed.

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