Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumored To Arrive With Three Versions

July 11, 2018

When everyone is waiting for the Galaxy Note 9 to arrive, there is another rumor surfaced online about Samsung offering not one but three versions of the Galaxy S10, which is another upcoming smartphone from the brand. Earlier, reports indicated that there will be two versions of Samsung Galaxy S10, but the recent sources hint at another version apart from the said models. This move from Samsung came as a strategy to face its rival – Apple, which is also planning to release the next generation of iPhones that are yet to be named. The Cupertino company is rumored to launch an entry-level, regular and plus variant of the iPhone X sequels. Hence, let us know more about this upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the following.

Samsung Galaxy S10 – Rumored Features & Specifications:

Currently, the entry-level model of Samsung Galaxy S10 in UAE is internally being called Beyond 0 or Mini variant, while the remaining two are termed Beyond 1 and Beyond 2. As per the sources, what makes this upcoming Samsung Galaxy phone different from other devices is the positioning of its fingerprint scanner. The scanner is said to be on the side instead of on the back or in the front as in other smartphones. Now that’s an interesting move by Samsung, which is trying to bring a new design shift. On the other hand, it will also mean that the model will not include an under display scanner, which is presently available in Vivo X21, and likely to be in other upcoming devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Huawei Mate 11 and others.

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According to one of the popular Korean publication The Bell, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2 models, which could also be the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, might have an under display fingerprint scanner. Even though Samsung is not the first phone maker to use this technology, it will be one of the most major and radical upgrades of the company. If the scanner is really moved to the sides, the S10 devices may not feature the sensor at the back anymore. This might be a right decision by the brand, especially considering the criticism it is facing about the scanner placement in its recent smartphones.

Hence, considering these rumors, it should not be a surprise if the Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Dubai turned out to be more than the previous models like Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S9 phones. As per The Bell publication, the under display fingerprint scanner in S10 will be several times expensive than the cost of a regular scanner. Qualcomm is said to supply the optical fingerprint sensors to Samsung, whereas O-Film is likely to provide other vital components. The display will then be attached to the under display fingerprint component to the OLED screen. As for the optics, the brand might offer the device with a triple lens camera. Since Apple is planning to offer the iPhone X Plus with triple lens rear camera, so Samsung might also think of it with this handset. Apart from these, there are no other revelations available about the technical Samsung Galaxy specifications and features.

Know about Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy phone, Samsung Galaxy S10 release date, Samsung Galaxy S10 price in UAE and Samsung Galaxy specifications

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date & Price In UAE:

As of now, no details of the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date in UAE and Samsung Galaxy S10 price in UAE are revealed. But we can expect updates about their launch, price, and all the features pretty soon.

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