Samsung Galaxy Aqua 2018- CONCEPT

June 9, 2018

The South Korean giant always looks forward to explore something new for its range of smartphones. This time, Samsung is about to introduce the purest form of a smartphone featuring great style and sensual seductive look. Yes! The concept design rendered online about the new Samsung Galaxy Aqua 2018 suggest the same. Aiming at the next generation customer, the company is planning to create a transparent body phone that seems as if made out of the water. It is the concept design that renders few details of the its design. Though nothing is known about the device, let us consider our assumptions and rumours that go along with the alleged Samsung Galaxy Aqua 2018 release date, design, specs and more.

Samsung Galaxy Aqua Release Date

Though it is too early to predict the Samsung Galaxy Aqua release date, still it may take few years of time to make it live. Considering the innovation involved in building the handset, it requires a lot of effort and time. Meanwhile, let us have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Aqua 2018 concept design rendered online.

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Samsung Galaxy Aqua Concept Video

The purest form of Android with an exploration of sinful minimalism. With the concept of the shape of water, the Samsung Galaxy Aqua 2018 will result in a beautiful organic spheroid that in turns reflects the purity of water. And all this is done in the minimal sense possible. It delivers a design with two panels and blends surfaces with varying radii. On the rear end, the device with a matte Aluminum surface gives it a classy finish. Furthermore, its design maintains homogeneity with the same nature of curves all over the body. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Aqua 2018 will have a sleek design with curved edges. Each curve has its own importance thus bringing harmony in the lines.

The transparent body will work in tandem with the graphical interface that making us feel as if it is made out of the water. This is actually rendered through the AMOLED display. While the bezels around seem to be higher thus opposing the present trend. Still, Samsung Galaxy Aqua 2018 will completely be a new concept with interesting display and design. Furthermore, the interesting aspect is the icons on the display can be deleted or removed or hidden, just by rubbing over the display. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus were a huge success for the company. It gave the toughest competition to the Apple iPhone X sales. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus camera came up with the new concept of variable aperture thus making it able to render high-quality images based on environmental conditions. And the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 has many things in store for us in terms of design, specs and features. So, we expect this concept design to be the future of Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Aqua Price in UAE

Well! It is quite weird to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Aqua price in UAE. As the concept design is not yet confirmed, we may not stretch out our expectations for the Samsung Galaxy Aqua price. We will keep you updated about the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Aqua release date and price once it is made official.

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