Samsung Dex Station Vs Dex Pad: Whats Your Choice?

June 22, 2018

Want to turn your Samsung device into ultimate PC? Here are Samsung Dex Station and Dex Pad that serve your purpose of turning the Samsung flagship smartphones into the desktop. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S8 when paired with the Samsung Dex Station in Dubai will let you convert the mobile phone into the bigger display PC. Though many other companies like Motorola attempted to introduce the same concept design, yet remained unsuccessful. Why carry those cumbersome laptops, when a simple gadget can serve all your purpose. Considering the importance of these gadgets, here we took a step to compare the most popular Samsung Dex Station and the Samsung Dex Pad. Let us explore further to understand its design, software, features and decide our choice.

Samsung Dex Station Vs Dex Pad: Design

The first thing that makes the difference is the design. In this case, Samsung Dex Pad now got a new design that would let flip open. It is designed in such a way that it can be used as a touchpad. As for the ports, the Dex pad gets an HDMI-out along with the USB Type-C. The dock now weighs at only 135g thus making it more portable. It still has a portable cooling fan. However, plugging the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus could make it feel heavier. It is even compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8. As for the Samsung Dex Station, it looks like a regular computer peripheral and blends well into the PC or laptop. It serves as a kickstand and the inbuilt cooling fan prevents the device from getting hot. On the rear end of Samsung Dex Station in Dubai, there exists two USB Type-A ports and a Type-C port. While the Samsung Dex Pad forgoes Ethernet port, the Samsung Dex Station still serves the same.


Samsung Dex Station Vs Dex Pad: Software & Features

The Samsung Dex Pad is an impressive setup that lets you create a new working environment on the go. The icons on the dock guides of how to use. Though seems to be a little confusing, still they feature easy to use interface. It gives full access to the Samsung Galaxy handset and features basic app interaction, desktop mode enhancements and more. Just plugin into the Dex Station to review documents, use applications or check notifications of the desktop-like interface. Either play games, watch videos or send emails from the big screen thus enhancing the system experience. Even after plugged into the Dex Station, you can still answer phone calls, send text messages or change setting from the monitor. Another easy to use setup is Dex Pad. Just connect the display via HDMI and connect a keyboard and USB to create a desktop environment. Once plugged in, the Samsung Galaxy S9 display appears on the monitor through which you can access all the apps. Navigate around apps, input text, or slide through the pages, Dex Pad serves this by acting as a trackpad. Since the Dex Pad lacks in the Ethernet port, it is may take a bit longer time to convert from Android to other OS. Dex Pad is the perfect choice for business users who want to give out presentations, or check email and play videos on the bigger screen. Since the performance is a bit lower, it may not be so convenient to use the Samsung Dex Pad day to day.


Samsung Dex Station Vs Dex Pad: Price

Talking about the Samsung Dex Station price in UAE, you can get it for around AED 219 and it is even given out with one year warranty. This is quite higher than the Samsung Dex Pad price in UAE. It is given out for AED 349 and also offers nearly the same features. Your choice of selection between the Samsung Dex Station and Samsung Dex Pad depends completely on the requirements you are looking for. The Samsung Dex Station is really a good option for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners or for those who travel a lot. It would instantly dock your phone for use supplementing the desktop workstation. Provided you need to carry a separate keyboard, mouse and a monitor to make a setup. Both Dex Station and Dex Pad nearly need the same setup to make it work instantly. If you are going cost-wise, then Samsung Dex Station can serve your purpose within your budget.

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