Samsung 960 Evo Review: The Best SATA SSD You Can Buy

July 28, 2018

Since the launch of the Samsung 950 Pro in 2015, Samsung remained to be one of the biggest competitors in the SSD market. While other manufacturers concentrate only on developing a basic smartphone, the South Korean giant is known to make its own SSD, firmware, drives and controllers. This would definitely seem advantageous both in terms of pricing and performance. Now it is back again with one of the best SSD 2018, Samsung 960 Evo that can render good performance at the substantially lower price. Along with this, it has even released Samsung 960 Pro that features great performance. It is, in fact, an improved version of Samsung 950 lineup. The company has worked hard to improvise the read and write controls, such that they are capable enough to handle basic workloads. Here let us have a look at the detailed specs of Samsung 960 Evo.

Samsung 960 Evo

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Samsung 960 Evo Design & Features

Compared to the previous generation Samsung 950 lineup, the Samsung 960 Evo has some innovative changes thus making it the best SSD 2018. While the Samsung 960 Evo and Samsung 960 Pro seems to be almost similar, the only thing that differentiates is the use of TLC NAND flash rather than MLC NAND. Probably the usage of TLC NAND flash to cut down costs is slowing down the performance of Samsung 960 EVO 250GB over the Pro series. If cost savings is a matter of concern, then the slight reduction in performance should not be a matter. Moreover, the TLC can store three bits per cell which enhances the density. Thanks to the advanced 3D V-NAND flash that make the Samsung 960 Evo 500GB deliver exceptionally low-QD sequential performance. The TurboWrite technology that which the Samsung named for its SLC cache also helps the Samsung 960 EVO in delivering highest sequential write speeds. However, due to the cache fill, there is a chance of performance drop off at higher queue depths. The success of any SSD drive depends on how the controller and cache memory is integrated into the NAND modules. There exists three different versions of the Samsung 960 Evo- 250GB model, 500GB and 1TB model. Under the typical load, the Samsung 960 Evo 1TB drive will consume 5.7watts, while the Samsung 960 Evo 500GB consumes 5.4watts and 250GB model consumes 5.3watts. This is quite similar to the ratings of Samsung 960 Pro.

Samsung 960 Evo

They measure at 80nm long and weighs between 8.3 to 9.0 gms. All the three models render the same 3.2GB/s read speeds, and differs in terms of writing speed. The Samsung 960 Evo 250GB offers 1.5GB/s, the write speed of 500GB is at 1.8GB/s and 1TB model renders at 1.9GB/s. Thanks to the host of new and interesting features offered along with the intuitive interface that makes the Samsung 960 Evo SSD manage critical drive information.

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Samsung 960 Price & Availability

The Samsung 960 Evo NVMe SSD drive is unveiled back in 2016 along with the insanely fast Samsung 960 Pro and Samsung 960 Evo series. For those who are looking out to exceed the speed limits of SATA then these are the best SSD 2018 drives offering gigabytes per second read/write speed. Though Samsung introduced the improved version Samsung 970 Evo, still the previous version seems to offer great performance thus making it the popular choice. Moreover, the Samsung 960 Evo 500GB is 5 times faster than the basic SATA3 SSD. As for the Samsung 960 Evo 250GB price, it is given a price tag of $129, while the Samsung 960 Evo 500GB model costs you around $249. There is even a 1TB model, that is priced at $479.

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