Reasons Why You Should Buy a Chinese Phone

September 1, 2016

Chinese Phones is the latest trend to make the rounds in the Mobile Phone department, around the globe. With more and more people yearning to try new companies that have a lot more to offer from their phones, the Chinese smartphone brands are taking the market by storm.

Chinese products have always been looked upon with apprehension, owing to people associating them with questionable quality. However, times have changed and China has improved their standard of quality tremendously, with their phones being a prime example of the same.

Since their advent a couple of years ago, Chinese phones brands have easily managed to catch up with their competition, and are now at par with other renowned International Phone brands… probably even better. And the best part is, they only cost half as much as the latter.

That’s just the beginning of the many benefits of Chinese phones.

Chinese Phones

Other Phones

Value for Money

Chinese Phones give excellent value for money. You can get the latest innards and features, without having to shell out an unreasonable amount of money.

You can get the latest innards and features, but by blowing a hole in your pocket as they’re usually quite pricey.

Technical Specifications

Chinese phones have impressive innards. The Chinese have incorporated the latest technology in all their phones, thus ensuring that they all function smoothly.

Innards are good enough on other brands, but some still require a lot of tweaking. You still see a lot of phones struggling to complete basic tasks, seamlessly.


4G is a common feature in Chinese phones, making it easy and quick, to perform our Internet activities.

Most phones of other brands have data capabilities. But 4G has yet to take over the phone market completely.


Chinese phones look really good. You’d think at the price they’re being sold in, it may look slightly tacky. But that’s far from the truth. The phones look sophisticated, and stylish.

Other phones do look good too, there’s no denying that.

Unique Factor

They’re quite unique. The trend of owing a Chinese phone has just begun. Plus they only produce a limited number of pieces. So beat everyone to it and flash a new brand around.

The phone market has a standard set of renowned brands, and you can easily find many, many others around you with the same phone as yours.


Chinese smartphones have embraced the world of gestures wholeheartedly, making it so much easier to launch apps, on a sleeping phone.

Gestures is something that other brands have yet to adopt completely. You may have one or two incorporated in very few phones, but they’re nowhere close to how many the Chinese have included in their devices.

So the next time you’re considering buying a new phone, or want to make a switch from your usual brand, then give Chinese brands a shot. You won’t regret your decision as you’re bound to get hooked onto them real quick.

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