The Most Addictive PS4 Games of 2018 To Play Right Now

June 7, 2018

Games are definitely one of the best pastimes for both adults and kids alike. Apart from the games in smartphones and handheld devices, there is also internet where you can browse, select and play any game that you like instantly. However, when it is about experiencing the gameplay, nothing can match up with what the Sony PlayStation 4 offers. Sony is very well-known for developing the finest consoles that support all kinds of gaming genres including sports, adventures, action, puzzles and so on.

Currently, there are a plenty of games that you can try on this console. In addition, Sony is also planning to announce a few new PS4 games 2018 like Days Gone, Death Stranding, The Lost Of Us Part II and more ahead of the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2018 event that will be held in the third week of June. Hence, with more new games in line, let us first check out some of the best PS4 games 2018 to play on this console.

Best Sony PlayStation 4 Games of 2018:

1. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection:

Released in May 2018, this collection includes a series of Street Fighter games developed by Digital Eclipse. Considered as a perfect choice for fight fans, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection includes 12 Street Fighter arcade ports of which, four are available to play online. Gamers can get an insightful history of Street Fighter for past 30 years while knowing about the characters. It also features a Museum Mode with an interactive timeline and stunning art. Right from the excellent soundtracks to advanced animations, this game CD should definitely be in your collection.

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2. Yakuza 6: Song Of Life:

Yakuza 6: Song Of Life is another interesting PS4 games 2018 on our list. It is an action adventure game built on a brand new engine. The main character in the game named Kazuma Kiryu begins his quest to search for his adoptive daughter, who goes missing. In the process, Kazuma comes across different challenges and exposes dark secrets in the Hiroshima town, while fighting the antagonist, Yakuza. In simple terms, Yakuza 6 makes you come back for more with its gritty crime story, interesting plot, and advanced graphics.

3. God Of War Day One Edition:

God of war is another great choice which includes a huge amount of gameplay, gripping story, and a satisfying combat system. In the entire series, this is certainly one of the best games to date. The story revolves in an imaginative world that marks the new beginning and a new purpose for Kratos. This game is all about fighting for survival and safeguard themselves from the powerful forces that threaten to disrupt the new life.

4. Horizon Zero Dawn:

One of the finest games to be played ever on the Sony PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro is Horizon Zero Dawn. This game comes with a compelling storyline and makes the players explore the glorious open world. This action role-playing game is set in a lush, post-apocalyptic world where Machines or the fearsome mechanical creatures of all shapes and sizes dominate the world. In this action-packed combat, players have to survive against several overwhelming odds and defend themselves against rivals using exotic weapons.

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5. Far Cry 5:

After the fourth version, here is the new Far Cry 5 edition that is followed by the title “Hours of Darkness.” This action-adventure first-person shooter game goes back in time where players get into harrowing situations in the war-torn country – Vietnam. The players in the game have access to different new weapons, vehicles and even customized items, which they can get back to the main campaign of Far Cry 5. In addition to this, there are so many improvements to the game compared to the previous version of the audio updates, better user interface, and visual effects etc.

6. Bloodborne:

Another exclusive Sony PlayStation 4 game is the Bloodborne, which is an extraordinary game developed by FromSoftware. Released in 2015, this PS4 games Dubai is still one of the most favorite choices of many till date. This game comes with a thrilling plot where the player explores in a horror-filled gothic city with full of nightmarish creatures and deranged mobs everywhere. Action-lovers will enjoy this game every bit as they can get to use the most modern weaponry, use strategies and take down the enemies while exposing the dark secrets.

7. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy:

One of the best and the last on our list of PS4 games UAE is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. This action adventure game by Naughty Dog is a must-have if you own the Sony PlayStation 4 console. The main characters in the game, Chloe Frazer, and Nadine Ross set out to search for an ancient treasure hidden somewhere. The game is as compelling as the previous version Uncharted 4 that makes you lost in the beautiful environment and keeps you moving till the end.

So, these are our top picks of Sony PlayStation 4 games, which you must not miss especially if you are an avid gamer. Get them all at different PS4 games price in Dubai and enjoy the thrill they guarantee. Apart from getting the CDs of each game, you can even try buying the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console that comes with a special offer. With the purchase of this console, you can get three popular games namely, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn as well as GT Sport absolutely free. These are some of the best games to play right now and you can get them all by buying the console at the lowest price along with a discount of up to 45%.

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