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October 26, 2018

As soon as we think of painting or some work of art, one thing that strikes our mind is Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately, it is not available for free for long-term and costs you few bucks to enjoy its features. Not all of us wish to spend an amount on the drawing software as it is used occasionally. Let me tell you that Adobe Photoshop is not only the option available though. There exists several free drawing software that is highly competitive to the popular drawing software. Of all the popular operating system platforms, Mac is referred to be a creative workshop for the graphic designers, video animators, interior designers, and other professionals. It is claimed to be the perfect option because of its highest performance standards. Moreover, the first version of Photoshop was designed for the Macintosh users thus giving it an added advantage. While Apple brought in a paint for Mac to accomplish basic tasks, to be more creative, a free drawing software with advanced features is a must. Here, we have listed out few of the best free drawing software that delivers all those essential features as in Microsoft paint for Mac.


Here is an awesome free drawing software that holds all the aces in terms of versatility. It is considered to be the best alternative for professional designers who design websites and do the entire artwork by themselves. This vector-based application comes in with a toolbar, canvas, different shapes that can be edited and many more. Even the interface is quite simple thus making the newbies get used to it within no time. Edit and make your drawings the way you want to have them using different tools only on Sketch drawing software. Also, learn more about 5 best free Photoshop alternatives.

paint for mac

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One of the best alternatives to MS paint for Mac is Paintbrush. In fact, this application is claimed to be a replica of MS paint. It is an easy to use software and features all those necessary functionalities of a paint application. Also, create a document and this feature makes it different from Preview. As in Microsoft paint, even the Paintbrush offers a pencil, color fill, magnifiers, text, shapes, and even a color picker tool. Additionally, it supports images of all formats including GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. Considering the features rendered, it is claimed to be the best option to complete the task of painting and editing.

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paint for mac

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Another perfect option for graphics enthusiasts is EazyDraw for Mac. It offers a different set of tools that let to create icons, logos, and many more images. This is the popular choice among the vector-based drawing software as it packs in many editing features that allow completing your project with an ease. Compatible with a Mac operating system, this software can create even technical diagrams and illustrations. Download it now on your PC or laptop running on Mac OS to accomplish your task.

paint for mac

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The most widely used drawing software that lets to bring in features of MS-paint for Mac is Inkscape. Developed in 2003, it is claimed to be the best free alternative to the Adobe software. It packs in all those essential things that a digital artist needs which helps in rendering best photo quality illustrations. The toolset of this application brings in several options including freehand lines, straight lines, spirals, shapes, 3D boxes and much more. Also, add in different layers, make it colorful and add in extra effects.

paint for mac

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