Nintendo Switch Review

May 17, 2018

A Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console that can be plugged into the TV or can be used as a portable device. We could see the gaming switch release very often, but the moment they plan to release especially from Nintendo will definitely make it differentiate from its rivals. Nintendo gaming consoles are always … Continue reading "Nintendo Switch Review"

Whether professional or personal, most of our tasks today are performed using the internet. Hence, the speed of internet has become significant for us, which helps in the quick accomplishment of tasks. Based on the requirement, users prefer buying different broadband packages that offer fast connection. However, when selecting the broadband there still arises a … Continue reading "Are Megabits And Megabytes The Same? Here Are The Differences"

The latest PS4 games are concentrating on to deliver more power thus featuring better quality games. The same is the case with the latest PS4 exclusive game, Horizon Zero Dawn. Developed by Guerilla games, the latest Horizon Zero Dawn lets you discover different tribal settlements, ecotopes and more. Released in early 2017, it is still … Continue reading "Horizon Zero Dawn Review"

Have you ever seen or heard about the term VSync, particularly when playing 3D games or using applications? It is one of the video setting options that appear in games and some applications. VSync is a short form of the word vertical sync. But what’s the use of this option? Should it be turned on … Continue reading "What Is VSync & How Is It Useful?"

There is a huge technological advancement that is making most of the hackers to spread out malware attacks including viruses, ransomware and spyware. They always try out new ways to hack your PC this stealing your identity and at times also your financial information. Considering the threat, it is always good to protect your PC … Continue reading "Top 10 Best AntiVirus for Windows 10"