Samsung QLED 8K TV Review

November 15, 2018

Want to watch your favorite match on a giant screen? Samsung introduces the world’s first 8k QLED TV. Equating to 3 times as much resolution as you had in 4K LED TV. This time, Samsung brings a breakthrough product for you to have an enhanced structure and better home cinema display. Before going any further, … Continue reading "Samsung QLED 8K TV Review"

If you are an Android user, then probably you have gone through the pain in updating the software. Though the manufacturers feature regular updates to improvise the performance, it is still unsure of when we receive the update or whether you receive the update or not. Even when the update arrives and by the time … Continue reading "LineageOS Replaces CyanogenMod: How to Download Lineage OS & install on Android Device"

Now, we got to see another Google-based application to receive the dark mode theme- Google Contacts. The most generous white design that was going on for several generations, is now demanding for the dark theme. While the Android messages, Google News have already received dark mode theme, Google contacts app is the latest app to … Continue reading "Google Contacts Apps v3.2 Adds Dark Mode Theme"

Found it hard to change Chrome language settings? Well! You are at the right place. Below we have provided with the step by step guide that allows you to change the language in Google Chrome. Being the most popular browser that is used worldwide, obviously, you will find different people working on the browser and … Continue reading "How to Change the Default Languages in Google Chrome – Step by Step"

Worried about getting the error as “The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit”? Well! You need not to worry about finding this error message again. We are all aware of the fact that emails don’t allow to send large files. Most of the email servers will not accept email attachment size of over 10MB in … Continue reading "How to Send Large Files Over Email"