Finally! It looks like Adobe is bringing in “full version” of the standard photoshop to the iPad. This report being confirmed by Bloomberg, further says that it would definitely be a major turning point for Adobe as it is extending its service to iPads and which was only available for macOS. Until iPad Pro 2017, … Continue reading "Adobe Photoshop Full Version Coming To iPad"

To avoid unauthorized access to an Android phone or a tablet, it is quite common that we make use of the pattern lock, fingerprint scanner, face unlock, and set PIN. Though seems to be secure and reliable, at the same time it is quite risky too. What if you forgot the password code for the … Continue reading "Best Methods to Unlock Android Phone Without Password"

It is not far way when we will actually get to see and even use a flying car. Recently, the popular taxi service Uber has displayed its prototype of an electric flying taxi, which is named – Uber Air. Probably, it is Uber which came up with the concept of flying taxis. But that doesn’t … Continue reading "BlackFly – The First Flying Car To Arrive Soon"

For quite some time now, Xiaomi has been in the limelight for the stunning phones it is offering. Now the latest news is, the Chinese tech giant is planning to release a few other handsets this year and one of them is Xiaomi Mi Max 3. Already, there are several rumors doing rounds about the … Continue reading "Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – Review, Release Date, Rumor & Price"

While working over the internet, it is quite common to find error codes. Though a common thing that we notice, still it is frustrating to get these errors. Seeing the error code, many things run our mind as to why it happened? Is it a problem with internet connection? Or any OS problem? While some … Continue reading "502 Bad Gateway Error: What Is It and How To Fix?"