Right now, there are different messaging apps available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. But of all the apps available, WhatsApp has become quite popular and in fact, the largely preferred mediums of communication these days. WhatsApp messenger, which is now owned by the popular social networking service Facebook, currently has millions of … Continue reading "WhatsApp Will Soon Stop Working On Millions More People’s Phones"

Android smartphones are easily prone to virus attacks. A virus is a program that is widespread easily by attaching itself to other programs thus replicating itself. The term is normally used interchangeably with malware and spyware. While some virus doesn’t affect your device, there exist few viruses that can completely ruin your Android device. This … Continue reading "10 of the Most Dangerous Android Viruses and How to Get Rid of Them"

It is not uncommon to find viruses and malware on Android devices. Recently, a new kind of malware was found on some Android devices, which also includes a ransomware, banking trojan as well as keylogger. This new malware called MysteryBot is reported to derive contacts as well as messages saved on a device. It also … Continue reading "Android Warning: Beware Of The ‘MYSTERYBOT’ Malware That Steals Your Details"

The search giant recently launched a standalone Podcasts app for Android users. Given the name as Google Podcasts, it comes in as an integrated feature with Google Assistant. One of the interesting features of the podcasts app is its Artificial intelligence that gives out the application listening skills. For those who are already using the … Continue reading "Google Just Launched New Podcasts App For Android"

With the technology getting advanced day-by-day, it has become quite hard to ignore using the latest gadgets. Especially, the smartphones, which have now become our necessity. Right from the dawn to dusk, we keep checking our phones numerous times and do different tasks like playing games, using social media, texting, photo capturing and so on. … Continue reading "6 Ways To Protect Your Eyes When Using A Smartphone"