Oppo also going to launch its first foldable smartphone

March 4, 2019

Looks like foldable smartphones are going to be the new trend because every company right now is in the race amongst each other; who will be the first to launch a foldable phone. And from what it seems lots of companies have already shown the prototype and made us believe that this new technology is going to be the new cool.

And since everyone is doing it, what made you think that Oppo would just sit behind and watch? Ever since came into being and debuted its first dexterous phone in the market, it has successfully captured the hearts of users with all the features it packs inside its phones. One just cannot turn their head away from the fact that Oppo phones are really one of a kind. Almost every phone of Oppo had been a huge success and this led the company to make this huge leap and produce a foldable smartphone.

You must be very excited after hearing this because this means that now you would be able to get a hold of this new technology at a reasonable price-tag. Yes, Long gone are the days when you spent your time drooling after Samsung phones and iPhones, and envied those who owned one of those because let’s be real, not everyone can afford such frivolously prized and ostentatious cellphones. But now since Oppo has taken the game in its grip, you can relish the joy of this new innovation at a feasible price plus Oppo’s multifaceted expertise can easily country Samsung or iPhone any day.

From what the leaks and rumors suggest, Oppo is going to launch its patented designs for its first foldable phone with one featuring three displays at MWC 2019. And from what it seems, this year’s MWC will be overflowing with foldable phones because not just Samsung but Huawei, LG and Apple are also going to launch their foldable cellphones. Though we are sure that Oppo would shine brightly among them all and it would be credited to the expertise swarming from it.

The design for Oppo’s foldable cellphone suggests that the phone would be capable of opening up like a book and this new radical design holds nor one, neither two but three extraordinarily vibrant and vivacious displays. Another simple design for its foldable phone is one with an airbag-like component on both sides. This will make it easier to fold and unfold the device multiple times.

Though its specifications and other details like price and release that are still kept under cover therefore right now it is not safe for us to make any befitting claims regarding it.

But one thing that we do know for sure is Oppo is on its path towards ultimate success because it is going to launch its first 5G phone very soon too and now it is going to unveil its first foldable phone, and both of them would be crammed with proficiency –this would become the reason why Oppo is going to fly in bright colors in 2019, and going to give a rash competition to all other brands.

So, just wait and watch. Who knows, maybe this new Oppo’s foldable phone turns out to be the new people’s favorite and their star.

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