OnePlus Announces To Launch First Smart TV as OnePlus TV

September 18, 2018

While everyone is looking for the OnePlus 6T release date UAE, there is something else that stunned everyone. The premium smartphone manufacturer is entering the smart TV segment for the very first time. It is all set to introduce the first Smart TV in early 2019. Aiming at developing the innovate intelligence along with the home connectivity, OnePlus TV is all geared up to entertain several sets of users. This smart TV will be of major prominence for home, workplace, on-the-move, and commute. OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau claimed that after the mark of five years in the smartphone sector, this will be the next move for “building a connected human experience”.

OnePlus TV Release Date

While the concept of OnePlus TV is a bit of surprise for everyone, but it is a good thought to give the home entertainment the next level of intelligent connectivity. After ruling the smartphone space for a period of five years, OnePlus is all set to step into the smart TV segment. It is ought to be called as OnePlus TV. The OnePlus TV release date UAE is not yet confirmed but it is speculated around to be available by early 2019.

Additionally, talking about the OnePlus TV in Dubai Pete Lau wrote on company website saying that “For most of us, there are four major environments we experience each day: the home, the workplace, the commute, and being on-the-move. The home – perhaps the most important environment experience – is just starting to enjoy the benefits of intelligent connectivity”

Read on to know more about OnePlus 6T release date, features and price.

OnePlus TV Design

Carrying the trend of smartphones, even the rumored OnePlus TV is likely to get the same premium design as OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 5T. Keeping the aesthetics same, the company is trying to integrate with intelligence and connectivity. Additionally, it will get the top line hardware blended with the latest software thus enhancing the Smart TV experience.

OnePlsu TV

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OnePlus TV Picture Quality & Features

As mentioned earlier, the OnePlus smart TV is being developed with an aim to offer the best image quality experience. At the same time, it is featured with multiple connectivity options thus making it easy to connect and manage TV from any location. The intelligent connectivity is one of the major highlights of the OnePlus TV. It will also feature an AI assistant which could probably be a Google Assistant. Some other OnePlus TV features include 4K streaming, internet connectivity, bezel-less design, next-generation surround sound, and the AI assistant. All in all OnePlus is trying to offer premium smart TV features thus making it smarter over the time. Though it takes some time to reach up to the level of expectations, once made live it will definitely be a revolutionary beginning in the Smart TV world.

OnePlus TV

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OnePlus TV Price in UAE

Well! It’s too early to predict OnePlus TV price in UAE. It is rumored that the smart TV is still in the development stage. We all are aware of the pricing strategy with the OnePlus smartphones. Considering the same pattern, we expect the upcoming OnePlus TV to be in an affordable price range thus making it accessible to all set of customers. It is likely to offer the best features despite including the competitive price point.

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  • wow that’s a great news as oneplus has gained lot of reputation with its amazing smartphones ,this is going to be the start of oneplus with oneplus tv .in 2018 it is obvious that oneplus tv is going to the high quality HD qled and smart tv.this is going to be little tough as many popular tv manufacturing companies are already ruling the world.any ways all the est to one plus.

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