NVIDIA SHIELD TV Specs and Review 2018

October 20, 2018

The excellent, powerful and pricey streaming box for those who desire 4K video streaming that is capable enough to handle playing your favorite games is Nvidia Shield TV. There is a lot to talk about the latest Nvidia shield, it now has a reduced size with the Google Assistant support, the Amazon instant video on Android TV and a lot more. This fully-featured streaming box runs on latest Android TV software which suggests the appearance of built-in chromecast functionality along with a lot of other features. Apart from offering the best internal specs, the Nvidia Shield TV comes in with a sleek remote with built-in microphone to make use with Google Assistant. This capable gaming device is now loaded with an advanced controller, but may not replace the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. However, with all these improvements, the Shield TV is now considered to be the popular option alongside Apple TV.

Nvidia Shield TV: Design

With the design almost identical to its predecessors, the Nvidia Shield TV is a sleek, square set-top box and is no more than an inch or two in size. It features an angular design with a neon green light across the Shield TV body. On the rear end, you will find an HDMI, two USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting to other devices. Nvidia Shield TV is sold in two configurations- One with remote controller and other with both remote and game controller. While the remote is of a thin sliver of plastic with a different set of buttons for home, back, microphone and selection. The Nvidia game controller is similar to the Xbox One game controller with its funky 80s style angular design.  Here, you can check out all you need to know about the upcoming Sony PS5.


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Nvidia Shield TV: Installation, Setup, and Performance

The new Nvidia Shield TV specs resemble its previous versions as it is powered by the same old Nvidia Tegra X1 processor which is powerful enough to play with the Nvidia Shield TV games. Furthermore, the company claims that the CPU/GPU performance is now four times faster than of the Amazon Fire TV. This is the same processor that is seen in the Nintendo switch but the Nvidia Shield is capable of 4K HDR playback. It also renders its support to almost all sorts of audio and video standards which includes Dolby Atmos, HDR10 and more. The Chromecast feature allows casting content from either an Android smartphone or an iPhone or from Google Home too. As for the remaining Nvidia Shield TV specs, it runs on the latest TV software with a handful of enhancements. The latest update brings in the support of Google Assistant and it ought to receive more updates with bug fixes and new features. Working with the Nvidia Shield TV interface is quite easy as it boasts a simple interface. On the top of the row, you could see the list of favorite apps and the next tab will be the Play Next that displays set of recommendation, Nvidia Shield TV games that you were playing along with the set of videos. One of the interesting aspect that makes the Nvidia Shield TV a great option is its gaming capability. With the game streaming, the games can now be taken from PC to make it as a Nvidia Shield TV games. The Nvidia Shield TV works exceptionally well in terms of performance and is considered to be one of the best streaming boxes available in the market with additional features for gamers.

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Nvidia Shield TV: Pricing and availability

As already mentioned, the Nvidia Shield TV is available in two versions and so the price also differs accordingly. The remote version holds a price tag of around AED 651 while the remote plus game controller version carries a higher price tag of AED 860. A separate game controller can be taken for AED 232 each while the remote costs you AED 180. Though the Nvidia Shield TV specs are noteworthy, still it is claimed to be the pricey option than other streaming boxes.

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