Nintendo Switch Review

May 17, 2018

A Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console that can be plugged into the TV or can be used as a portable device. We could see the gaming switch release very often, but the moment they plan to release especially from Nintendo will definitely make it differentiate from its rivals. Nintendo gaming consoles are always unique compared to the consoles from top brands like Sony and Microsoft. This time with this Nintendo switch that is made to overcome all those flaws in Wii U. While its rivals are focusing on offering powerful specs, Nintendo is concentrating on to sell some innovative gaming console. Moreover, the Nintendo switch price in UAE is more affordable than other consoles.


Tablet-Sized Screen With Versatile Design

Continuing the latest switch in console design, the Nintendo switch functions both as a handheld device and as a gaming console. This feature lets you play at home and play while you travel along. There include two detachable controller sides to offer great grip thus making it as a traditional gamepad. The Nintendo switch is equipped with a USB Type-C power cable and an HDMI cable to connect to Television set. Unlike other consoles, the switch has the ability to switch between different modes very easily. The switch itself is a tablet featuring 6.2-inches touch display of 720p resolution. This is a huge improvement over the Wii U screen resolution. Though the Nintendo switch is of a plastic build it is quite durable enough to survive few water drops. It is further given a microSD slot to expand the 32GB internal storage further. The bigger screen display with attractive design makes it worthy to pay for. If you are addictive to smartphones, check here for the 5 best games of 2018 to play on iPhones.


Nintendo Switch As a Portable Console

While at the first look, the switch may look hefty, it is, in fact, a lightweight console that can be handled with two hands. There is a bright switch screen that makes it feasible to be operated in different environmental conditions. Make sure to turn on the auto brightness mode, that ensures to change the brightness of the screen. Though it is not pocket-friendly, it is still portable enough to be carried using a bag. Since there is a big screen to enhance the gaming experience, it is recommended to use a case to protect the touchscreen. The joy cons around the screen offer enough controller buttons thus making it as two tiny gamepads. You would be able to play games like Zelda for about two and half hours continuously. The Nintendo claims the gaming console to feature a battery life of six hours for less graphical games. This makes it clear to carry your adapter or a battery while traveling long journeys. Due to the big screen size, you can enjoy Nintendo switch games like the Legend of Zelda, Breath of Wild, especially in this portable mode. Though not said to be more powerful than Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 or any other gaming PC, the games on this gaming console look astonishing. Moreover, Nintendo switch is given a slot for game cards that almost resembles the cartridges of Nintendo 3DS. It is quite immersive to play your favorite Nintendo games in Tabletop mode. When you have a tray table around, then this kickstand would be the best way to have fun on long journeys. Though not for the longer durations, the Nintendo switch tabletop mode is perfect for short duration gaming. At the most affordable Nintendo Switch price in UAE, you can easily transform the home console into a portable system.


Nintendo Switch As a Home Console

Just slip off those Joy cons into the grip and make the Nintendo switch experience more fun and exciting by docking into the TV. Just a simple piece of hardware makes the Nintendo switch act as the best home console ever. Planning for a two player game, then switch on instantly to the TV mode. In this mode, you can play either by sliding off the joy-cons into the grip or hold the controllers in each hand. You can even make use of the traditional Joy-con controller. Playing the Breath of the Wild on a bigger screen is quite great with detailed characters and beautiful lighting effects. The Joy-con grip can offer many hours of battery life. The smaller buttons on the joy controller is a bit irritating and moreover, the Joy-cons cannot be charged while held with the grip, You need to reconnect to the dock to charge. Check here for the upcoming games 2018 release in UAE.


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Can It Compete With Other Consoles?

With the features and hardware offered, it is very much clear that the Nintendo is not aiming to compete with other consoles. Instead, it is trying to feature a gaming console with some innovative and exciting setup. No Doubt, the Nintendo switch is unique and is far more enhanced than the older Super Nintendo. We may not find other platforms offering two gaming modes with different controller options in a single switch. However, if you are unable to afford the Nintendo switch price in Dubai, then it is better off to prefer PlayStation 4 Slim. Overall, the Nintendo switch is said to be one of the innovative gaming consoles with some new things added up than the Nintendo Wii U.

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