Nintendo Switch 2 Price in Dubai, Release Date, Latest Rumours and Specs

October 6, 2018

Competing with the rivals like Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo is typically set to launch a new Nintendo Switch. The first switch was released in 2017 and is claimed to be one of the exciting consoles seen so far. Now, this Japanese giant is yet to introduce second-generation switch with fewer updates probably in the Q2 of 2019. It is unclear of what updates the new Nintendo Switch 2 in Dubai is likely to bring. But, rumors hint for the upcoming Nintendo Switch to get a new high-quality screen. And it is also speculated to get a new hardware which will definitely result in performance upgrades. Ahead of its release, let us take a round-up of all those rumors pertaining to Nintendo Switch 2 release date, specifications and price.

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

There is still much time for the Nintendo Switch 2 release date UAE, but this doesn’t stop it from the leaks and renders. Since that Nintendo did not specify anything officially about the switch, it is a bit hard to guess the launch date of the new Nintendo Switch. However, considering the previous pattern and the gap between Wii U and Nintendo Switch, even the Switch 2 is likely to make its appearance by 2022. Few rumors also claim the release to happen the next year. Moreover, rumors also claim the launch of Xbox Two and PS5 by that time. So definitely the upcoming Nintendo switch will come in to support the latest Xbox and PlayStation games.

Nintendo Switch 2

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Nintendo Switch 2 Specs, Rumors, and More

Since the launch is too far, there is no much information leaked online about the Nintendo Switch 2 specifications. But, this doesn’t stop from our imaginations. Being an upgraded version and a next-generation console, the Nintendo Switch 2 may ship in with a high-resolution display of 1080p. There are very fewer chances for the switch to get the support of 4K display. The LCD display may be replaced with an OLED. It is quite unlikely to get any changes in the design. However, we may get to see some refinements to the original design. Moreover, the next Nintendo Switch will definitely be a more powerful option with its improved hardware and expansive gameplay. Additionally, the higher memory and faster internal processor is definitely on the way. And, obviously, it might come in with the support of some top-notch games that makes it a better option. Though Nintendo didn’t confirm the Switch 2, the company claimed to be working on a new hardware which could come in as a surprise with Nintendo Switch 2 in Dubai.

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Nintendo Switch 2

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Nintendo Switch 2 Price in Dubai

A bump in the graphical power improved display resolution, higher battery life, and a new powerful hardware will definitely show the impact on the Nintendo Switch 2 price in UAE. Though it is too early to predict its price, we expect the switch to have a price tag of around AED 1100.

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  • Good news to all gaming lovers as Nintendo Switch 2 is being planned and a great buzz is been created about Nintendo Switch 2, i have read reviews about Nintendo Switch which was released long back and it gained lot of users and purchases so as per the articles and new rumors Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in 1- 2 yrs .

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