All You Need To Know About The Upcoming Sony PlayStation 5

December 28, 2017

Not long after the PS4 came out in 2013, talks about the PS5 and PlayStation 5 price in Dubai started not just among the video gamers, but in the gaming industry as well. But Sony, on the other hand, remained quiet all these while about its next release.

After a long wait, Shawn Layden, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, has finally confirmed the launch of Sony PS5 during an interview with one of the popular magazines.

However, there is no information available about its exact launch. Looks like, we still have to wait further for the console to arrive or for another official update, which might provide us details like the PS5 price in UAE, its features and so on.

Little details about the PlayStation 4, it was then the latest 4K gaming and HDR compatible PlayStation console with highlights like advanced graphics, fast frame rate, 4K streaming, and auto-upscaling among others. It went on to become one of the fastest selling consoles during that period. Then came the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, which are the upgraded and slim versions of the original console.


PlayStation 5 Confirmed:

In an interview with German Magazine and The Verge, Shawn Layden spoke about Sony’s next generation of home consoles. According to him, there will be a PS5 but not very soon. He also mentioned about working on more PlayStations in the days ahead.

PlayStation 5 Release Date:

Now that the news is confirmed, the next thing that will keep us glued to this column is the PlayStation 5 release date details. As per the speculations, the launch of PS5 will happen in 2020, and probably, in the month of November. This prediction is purely based on the Sony’s PlayStation’s release date past history.

It took almost 5 years for Sony to release the PS2 after launching PS1 in 1994. Then there was a gap of around 6 years between the PS2 and PS3. Post the PS3 in 2006, the duration was almost 7 years for the PS4 to enter the market. Based on this, industry experts are anticipating the launch date of PS5 to be in 2020 or even later.


On the other hand, it should also be noted that PS4 Pro came in 2016, while this year, we have seen the arrival of Microsoft’s Xbox One X. As a result, industry experts believe that the launch of anything sooner cannot be expected. The company might require at least around two to three years to make an announcement about its next PS5 Console.

PlayStation 5 Price:

The price of high-end Dubai games consoles has always been a core subject. We can certainly anticipate such advanced technology-based devices to come at a great cost. However, as per the speculations, the PS5 price in Dubai will be around AED1832 at the least when it enters the market. However, there are is also a possibility for this bracket to go as high as AED2200. Here, we have to note certain aspects such as the hardware and economy condition when focusing on the price factor. Besides, there are also rumors that the price of PS4 Pro will come down to nearly AED918 before the new console arrives.

PlayStation 5 Design:

If we look at the Sony’s last models, which are PS2, PS3, and PS4, each one carried a unique design. Sony presented the PS2 as a symbol of the ultimate hardware design back then. Some has stated the PS3 as the better option than the original, while some has criticized the console for the same reason, which is design. And with the PS4, the design segment has indeed changed for the better considering the progressing technology. Based on this trend, it is a clear indication that Sony’s is evolving with time and hence, we can expect something innovative and extraordinary from the PS5. Keeping this in view, we can also hope for the PS5 price in UAE to be way high than the previous models.


PlayStation 5 Specifications:

The PlayStations available today, are not just gaming tools but powerful and complex machines that represent the modern technology. Speculations are being made about every aspect of the upcoming model be it the hard drive, network, design or CPU. First of all, we can definitely say that there will be a huge advancement in technology by the time Sony PS5 arrives probably in 2020. Hence, Sony will evolve along with the future technology and try presenting it in through its new console.

Moving to specifications, it is likely that the company may use the optical computing hardware, which is said to use light instead of electricity for computing purposes. Besides, optical waveguides might replace the internal wiring and photons probably will power up the transistors instead of electrons. Moreover, we could also see the new hybrid device titled Optoelectronic computer that is developed with a combination of two technologies.


There are also talks further improving the games to make them look real and feel real. And as for the console’s processing power, Sony might go with the latest Zen processors, which are developed emphasizing on factors like efficiency, and performance. Besides, the new processor might also support aspects like VR and 4K gaming. However, apart from Zen, there is also Intel working on its 7th generation Core CPU. So, there are chances that Sony may either go with Zen, Intel or any other better option that is perfect for the PS5.

Rumors are that the Sony PlayStation 5 would come with 3D stacked RAM or resistive RAM. Then again, it is also being speculated for the company to choose the NRAM, which will release in 2018. But only time will tell, which one will Sony choose while considering the kind of RAM used by its competitors like Microsoft for its Xbox consoles.


As we can guess that everything will go digital by 2020, so it is possible that the 4K will be mainstream in coming days. In addition to these, other anticipated specifications of the Sony PS5 would be the holographic displays, photorealistic graphics, the hard drive of about 40TB probably, and a much portable controller combined with a VR headset or so.


PlayStation 5 Games:

In all of the Sony’s PS consoles, we have seen some of the best games and PS5 will be no exception. Some of the killer PS4 games that we have tried our hands on include the Horizon Zero Dawn, Call of Duty: WWII, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and many more. Sony has not revealed anything yet about the games, but with the PS5, we can hope for much better options from all categories in gaming like fighting, action, adventure, shooter, sports and VR games to name a few. Some of the top picks anticipated in the new release would be the NBA 2K, MLB The Show, God of War, Dying Light, Grand Theft Auto VI, Gran Turismo, Marvel vs Capcom and so on.


Hence, all these are the predictions made by experts in the gaming industry. We are yet to receive official announcements from Sony regarding its upcoming PS5. Stay tuned to this column for more updates and also check out the top 5 gaming consoles of 2017 here. Make your Gaming experience better with these top rated gaming mouse 2018

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