Motorola Earphones to the Rescue

October 26, 2016

Don’t you sometimes just wish you could listen to music on your walk home, without having to deal with the struggles of untangling your earphones first? Or be on a call, without the wires snagging on a fellow commuters flailing arms, and your ear buds are abruptly yanked off your ears? Or maybe even workout to your favorite tunes at the gyrider-edit2m, without the wires getting in your way? Sometimes you just need to go completely wireless, and that’s where Motorola comes in.

Motorola has introduced the VerveLife series of earphones with the
promise of being Permanently Untangled… which is the perfect bait for the stressed out, impatient world we live in now. And we fell for it wholeheartedly. Not only are these earphones uber, uber helpful and convenient, but the audio quality they emit is remarkably outstanding.

Tones-edit2he VerveLife earphones are a whole new generation of Bluetooth listening devices that are aimed at making life so much easier for us. There’s the VerveOnes+, VerveLoop+, and the VerveRider+. All three are unique in their own ways, but are all wonderfully wireless so you can go about your tasks with ease. You can listen to music, answer calls with just the click of a button, or even interact with Google Now and Siri.

They’re all also water and sweat proof. So no matter how sweaty you get after a jog around the park, your earphones will remain unharmed. Or if you’re suddenly gripped by the urge to be dramatic, and dance in the rain to a suitable song, then knock yourself out. You can just flick off the drops after, no problem.loop-edit2

Also, good news for those careless lot! These devices can be conn
ected to the Hubble Connect app for Verve Life. It helps you locate the wh
ereabouts of your earphones, on a map. So you don’t need to fruitlessly rummage through your bag, or turn the house upside down in search of your missing earphones. Rather you can just calmly detect its location through the app, saving you from many frenzied, tense situations.

Motorola’s latest VerveLife devices lets you embrace the wonders that Bluetooth offers, with earphones that put our nerves at ease. The Verve Life earphones are super comfortable to wear, provide powerful audio quality, and make life so much simpler. Try them out today!

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