5 Best Meme Generator Apps for Android 2018

November 3, 2018

Love memes! Nowadays memes are everywhere! In fact, they lighten up your mood irrespective of any situation. With loads of memes available online, it is quite a tedious task to get an efficient memes app for your Android. Since the usage of memes has become common while chatting on social media app or any other chatting app, people are more attracted towards downloading the best memes generator from the Google Play store. Make your chat funny and at the same time, it is quite an easier way to interact and express your thoughts through the numerous memes available on different memes creator app. Here, we have sorted out some of the best memes creator app that you can download on Android devices.


When talking about the Memes generator apps, the first thing that runs our mind is Mematic. With the simple interface and the easy process to create and access memes makes this memes app to top the list of the Meme generator apps. When you open the app, you will be provided with an option to create memes using simple tools. It lets to add text to photographs or capture picture instantly from the smartphone camera application. Also, make use of the photos from gallery to create customized memes. If you are looking for the app with easy to use interface and high-quality tools then Mematic is the best option to look for.

memes creator app

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Meme Generator

One of the free memes generator app that let to create funny memes and instantly share among friends is Meme generator app. It features almost 700 memes along with several captions to choose from. Select from those hilarious memes templates and customize it your own way thus making it unique. Also, choose from multiple stickers, colors, fonts and more to get the best out of the Meme generator app.

memes creator app

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One of the greatest memes apps available online for Android devices is Memedroid. Download the app now to light up your day with the best memes. Also, find new memes at a single place, thus reducing the task of searching in any other location. Along with the basic tools to create memes, Memedroid also facilitates with rich meme template library. The additional features included makes it easy to upload images or GIFs. Moreover, the gallery is constantly updated thus allowing you to enjoy creating memes with this app.

memes creator app

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Meme Creator

Are you thinking that creating memes is a tedious task to handle? Well! It is not so with some of the best memes generator apps. Some of the apps such as Meme creator available on Google Play store allows to choose the pictures from gallery, add texts and even images into the bubble thus creating an own unique meme. Also, save the created meme to the Android device memory instantly. So, you need not be a professional to create memes, just download the Meme creator app for free of cost from play store to generate a meme.

memes creator app

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GATM Meme Generator

Another lightweight memes creator apps that can be downloaded from the play store is GATM Meme Generator. While some of the apps create a watermark on the generated memes, GATM also features a set of no-watermark templates to create memes. Since the app is continuously redesigned, you can be sure of getting all the latest functionalities. If you are choosing the free version, get ready to face those annoying ads. Prefer to update to paid version to have an ad-free experience while working on the GATM Meme generator app.

memes creator app

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