Are Megabits And Megabytes The Same? Here Are The Differences

May 17, 2018

Whether professional or personal, most of our tasks today are performed using the internet. Hence, the speed of internet has become significant for us, which helps in the quick accomplishment of tasks. Based on the requirement, users prefer buying different broadband packages that offer fast connection. However, when selecting the broadband there still arises a confusion between megabits and megabytes.

So what are these megabits and megabytes all about? What are the differences exist between them? Let us find out.

Megabits Vs Megabytes:

People with knowledge in computers explain megabits vs megabytes simply as a factor of eight. It is because, in a single byte, there are eight bits. However, there is much more to the topic than this simple answer that includes points like how the data is saved, how it moves and the computing history etc.

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We generally use the term Megabit for referring to the speed of internet connection. The data transfer speed is measured as Megabits per second or Mbps and 1 Mbps is equal to 1 million bits per second. Coming to the speed, it may again depend on the service provider you choose. For instance, some providers may give up to 150Mbps maximum download speed, while some others may offer even faster megabits vs megabytes speed.


Talking about Megabyte, it is the term used for measuring both memory storage capacity as well as hard drive space. But these days, we are using most the next order of magnitude that is, the Gigabyte (GB). Not just laptops and PCs, but even smartphones are now offered with memory in GB.

Measuring Megabits and Megabytes:

To define bit, it is the smallest unit of data that comes with a single binary value, which is either 0 or 1. Through a two-state device, the bits are executed in several systems. Besides initiating various instructions to manipulate and test bits, a computer system also carries out these instructions and save all the data in bit multiples, which are called bytes. The further units like Kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, and petabytes each is around 1000 times greater in size than the before unit.

Know about megabits vs megabytes speed, megabits vs megabytes, mbps to mb and megabits to megabytes per second

Then again, another question arises about the megabits to megabytes per second. Why the network bandwidth is measured in megabits and storage in megabytes? Well, there are several answers to this. But the most reasonable one is – bit is the smallest denominator. With this lowest unit of measurement, it is easy to understand the network transfer speed like bits per second.

And the reason why data is assembled in bytes is, the computers earlier used an eight-bit data format, which was standard then and even being followed today.

On the whole, bits are used for measuring the bandwidth, whereas bytes measure storage capacity. But the only confusion arises when both the terms, megabits and megabytes or Mbps to MB are combined.

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