How to Make Space on Your Windows ‘C’ Drive

June 5, 2018

Is your hard drive making you crazy with those junk files and unwanted stuff? You are not alone facing the issues, almost many of us face the same issue for no reason. As we are in the generation where we are getting around Terabyte of the internal hard drive, there might be no possibility of getting the drive filled up. Still, many people complain of saying “My Windows C is full”. While most of the files don’t take much space literally then why does the Windows C or your primary hard drive is full? Few reasons for this could be the usage of the same traditional SSD that feature lower space which is unable to accommodate space for those software updates and other installations. Irrespective of the Windows Operating system you are running on, if it seems to be slow then there is a chance of getting the update as low disk up space.

To make the system perform well, it is always advised to prefer disc cleanup once in a while. Here let us discuss few methods for Windows drive cleanup that lets to recover some space thus making your system run effectively and efficiently.

Remove Duplicate Files or Uninstall Programs

Almost many of us are habituated to install many programs especially games and we keep it as it is even if we are not using them. This could occupy a lot of space. So, it is better to uninstall some unnecessary program or duplicate files in order to solve hard drive issues on your PCs and laptop. To uninstall, Click on start-→ control panel-→programs-→right click on the program that is no longer in use and select uninstall.


Prefer Using Larger Hard Disk Drive

While adding up another hard disk is one of the best options to get extra storage, you can even prefer replacing the present hard drive with a new one can also solve the issue. This is the best solution especially for the hard drives of less than 100GB storage capacity. However, doing so require to reinstall the operating system and other programs. There is even an option to upgrade to a larger hard disk. The EaseUS partition master gives out the feature of ‘Disk Copy’ that can let to extend the hard disk drive without the need to reinstall the OS.

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Use Windows Disk Cleanup

Free disc space, especially with the Windows C drive, is quite essential for the system to perform well. Considering the importance, Windows has already given us enough tools that can help you to manage your storage well. One such tool is Windows Disc Cleanup. It lets you delete temporary files and other unnecessary data on your computer. To start disk clean up, start-→ Computer-→right click on C drive-→ properties. Click ‘Disk Cleanup’ under the general tab. The cleanup processes automatically initiate and gives you enough information regarding the space left out after disc cleanup.


Add Extra space Using Third-Party Software

Though the above-specified methods can free disc space only to some extent in Windows 10/8/7. But, whenever you get a warning of low disc space, prefer looking out for the alternatives or third-party software to increase the size of Windows C drive. This is the best solution to get rid of these issues. According to your usage and needs, extend your C drive to make your self, free from unnecessary data loss. You can either use MiniTool Partition Wizard, EaseUS Partition Master or any other third-party software that can safely extend your storage space.

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