Lenovo Watch X Plus: Waterproof Smart Clock with Heart Rate Sensor

August 7, 2018

Apart from smartphones, PCs and Laptops, Lenovo has recently stepped into a wearable business with the Lenovo Watch X. Now, it has introduced the premium variant with some extra features than the basic model. Yes! We are talking about the Lenovo Watch X Plus which is almost similar to the fitness tracker as the Mi band 3. Though Lenovo is not so well known in the hybrid smartwatches as Fossil, the latest Lenovo Watch X seems to give a tough competition to the top smartwatch manufacturers in 2018. Selling out rapidly in international markets, the Lenovo smartwatch is a good blend of price, design and features. Let us analyze in detail about the Lenovo Watch X Plus design, features and price.

Lenovo Watch X Plus Release Date

At around $44, the Lenovo Watch X was released back in June with solid design and impressive spec sheet. Now, it has recently announced the Lenovo Watch X Plus release date which is said to be a premium variant with a bit higher price level and more features. Along with it, Lenovo also launched three new Lenovo smartphones Lenovo Z5, Lenovo A5 and Lenovo K5 Note.

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Lenovo Watch X Plus Design

Talking about the Lenovo Watch X Plus design, it has mainly focused on maintaining the traditional look. It comes in different attract shades including Milanese Black with silver straps. As in Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Classic, there is an OLED screen on the watch with luminous hands. The Lenovo Watch X plus is nowhere different from the traditional model. The only noticeable difference is the plus variant has a dial with Roman numbers and is also given an air pressure sensors that was missing in the regular version. Made of stainless steel, the Lenovo watch X Plus is waterproof up to 80m. Moreover, it is covered by a sapphire crystal thus making it scratch resistant. There even exists another variant that is made of a leather strap.

Lenovo Watch X Plus

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Lenovo Watch X Plus Features

The plus variant of Lenovo watch X is introduced with a new mechanism called the Swiss core mechanism that is developed by Ronda. It uses the core gearbox that can create smart movement and make the smartwatch look thinner. To keep track of your health, the smartwatch is given few other features including barometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensors, geomagnetic and blood pressure measurement. Other functions include a sleep tracker that can monitor sleep phases and a notification function. While the predecessor was without a display, the latest version has an OLED that displays all values. It is further equipped with a 600mAh battery that can render 45 days of standby time as in Lenovo Watch X. However, we need to wait and watch if the display of the Lenovo watch X Plus could support in rendering out 45-day battery life or not. It can even let to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. It is speculated that Apple Watch 4 might sport the EKG heart monitor.

Lenovo watch X Plus

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Lenovo Watch X Plus Price

The Lenovo Watch X Plus is a significant upgrade over the other models like Watch 9. Considering the features offered and the display panel, the Lenovo Watch X Plus price will be a bit higher. The present Lenovo Watch X Plus price is around $58, and the strap variant of the plus model may cost $63. The features included making it worthy enough to pay for. The Lenovo Watch X was known to be sold out in just 15 seconds in its first sale. And the Lenovo Watch X Plus is also expected to receive the same positive attention after the Lenovo Watch X Plus release date. Even Samsung is all set to launch the new Samsung Gear S4. Check here for expected features of the upcoming Samsung Smartwatch.

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