Leaked Specs of HTC’s Latest- The HTC Bolt

October 19, 2016

Great News! HTC has another wonderful smartphone on the horizon this year, just waiting to pop out and dazzle the world with its beauty and splendor… yet again. 2016 has been a busy year for this Taiwanese manufacturer, with its own HTC 10 coming into the world back in April. And then there were Google Pixel series of phones which were manufactured by HTC too.

Now, the word on the street is that HTC will be releasing another smartphone sometime this year- a mid-range device named the HTC Bolt (or, as they lovingly call it on the inside, Acadia).

htc-bolt,htc bolt,htc

The Bolt will be the first HTC-branded phone to run on the Android 7.0

A 5.5” 1080p touchscreen is incorporated into this device, which is slightly larger than the HTC 10. It’s also blessed with an 18MP rear camera with f/2.0 aperture, an 8MP selfie camera, a dual-LED Flash, and 4K video capability.

Unfortunately, it looks like the HTC Bolt will be sans headphone jack. But on the bright side users can enjoy the magic of BoomSound once they connect their headset to it.

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The HTC Bolt has retained most of the same design as the HTC 10, with its chamfered metal unibody frame. The SIM, and MicroSD Card slots grace the same side of the phone. And a grille at the bottom indicates the presence of the speaker, next to the phone’s USB-C charging port

As for the question of extra security, the phone does come with a highly useful Fingerprint Scanner, placed on the front, beneath the display and bang in between two capacitive buttons.

So far HTC has not released a specific date for when we can expect the Bolt to grace us with its presence. But you can be sure to hear of it here, as soon as it’s out and up on Awok. Be on the lookout Awokians. It sounds like a phone that’s worthy of your time.have a look at upcoming smartphone from htc ,HTC U12 details.

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