iPhone XS vs iPhone XR – Which new iPhone should you buy?

September 13, 2018

Apple event has revealed its much-anticipated iPhones of 2018. The rumor mills were on and off for the launch of these iPhones but finally, all the speculations come to an end and the actual iPhones have shown up. Apple event was held at the Apple Park in California on 12 September, there was a lot of excitement and eagerness of the release of iPhones, as already Apple has hinted few of the things including the three upcoming iPhones of 2018 then names of three phones already created a lot of intensity towards the new technology and changes Apple bringing to the iPhones. Three of the iPhones naming iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR has been released. The new hype has created about the major difference between these three sets. The first thing to understand three iPhones is to perceive that the variations of iPhones 2018 reflect different devices. One the iPhone XS is the same like the flagship of Apple iPhone X, the next iPhone XS Max is the enlarged version of the flagship iPhone XS and the last one iPhone XR is the newer version of the budget iPhone SE.


The two iPhones with major differentiation is the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR.  There is a lot of searching related to iPhone XS and iPhone XR in Dubai to find out its vital features so here you can get the all the updates and can understand the major distinguishing features of both iPhones as everything related to these iPhones is discussed here.

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iPhone XS vs iPhone XR Design and Display:

The initial noticeable thing is the look of any device so let’s talk about the design of both iPhones.  As already we know that the iPhone XS is the Apple flagship of 2018 and iPhone XR is the budget iPhone eventually it is clear that there would be significant changes in both sets.  Both the iPhones has the resemblance to the last year iPhone X.  The home button is removed from all of the three iPhones and now you are completely dependent on the Face ID of front camera to unlock your screen. The notch is still there which is something unexpected as the rivals are now focused to enhance the display by making it bezel-less and notch free but we observe the same style of iPhone X in the new iPhones as well. Apple may be failed to remove the notch but the bezel-less full view screen and Face ID unlock in iPhone XR is quite a surprise for the budget phone. The manufacturing difference between the two is material used in the body build and the screen type and size, iPhone XS is made of stainless steel core while the iPhone XR is aluminum build but the back is of glass to support the wireless charging in the both iPhones, Apple has dropped some bomb for the budget iPhone users that it might be the best competitive phone in the mid-range because of all the latest features is loaded in it. The display screen of iPhone XS is 5.8-inch OLED and the iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LCD display. Further, the new addition of the color Gold is also seen in iPhone XS flagship with the other two Silver and Space Grey but iPhone XR has the huge funky to sober color variations including black, white, red, yellow, coral and blue. It is indeed much variety for the people in UAE to go for their favorite iPhone in numerous color options.


Hardware and Specification:

As we know that Apple launches its new iPhones by introducing the new chipset of the year. Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XR in UAE both will be releasing with the A12 Apple Bionic chipset of the Apple which is the latest one with 50 percent efficient CPU and 15 percent fast speed than the previous chipset of A11 of iPhone X. The operating system is iOS 12 of both iPhones and the RAM is not highlighted by the Apple officially but the estimated RAM for iPhone XS is 4GB and iPhone XR is 3GB. The storage options of both the sets are also similar 64GB, 256GB, and 512 GB with no further expandable memory functionality available. The new storage option of 512GB is something big as this huge space is almost like the hard drive of any laptop.  The camera has shown some major difference as the iPhone XS has the dual lens of 12MP main camera one is of the telephoto lens which gives the optical zoom. The front has 7MP front camera whereas, the iPhone XR has the single 12MP main camera with no telephoto lens support and the front is also 7MP.  It could be concluded that the substantial distinction in both mobile phones is the RAM and the main camera which are negligible if you are on a budget so now you have the option to buy the best iPhone of 2018 with the latest specification in reasonable price tag which is iPhone XR.

iphone xr

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR Price in Dubai:

Apple event has given every detail related to the iPhones 2018 including to the price tags as well. The difference in price for both iPhones is evident as well. The iPhone XS has the price 999 USD and iPhone XR has the price 749 USD, the price in Dubai are around 3700 AED and 2800 AED respectively. iPhone XS Max is also of similar worth in terms of specifications. The iPhones 2018 release date is expected at the end of September globally.

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