iPhone XS Price in Dubai, Release Date and Launch in Dubai UAE

September 11, 2018

All the eyes are on the new upcoming iPhone XS, the Apple event which is tomorrow on 12 September has very much anticipation because of the iPhone XS release. There are many rumors trending in the market related to the Apple iPhone XS, all of these speculations have already created much hype and everyone is looking up for the Apple event which is going to be held at the Steve Jobs theatre in Apple Park San Jose, California. There would be three iPhones of 2018 launching at the event. The one is going to be the plus size of iPhone XS which could be named as iPhone XS Max. Further, the cheaper version is also expected to release with the name of  iPhone XR. All of these buzz increasing the excitement and hopes of the iPhone fans.

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iPhone XS Specifications:

If we talk about the iPhone XS the first thing comes in the mind is specification and iPhone Xs features. The iPhone XS is expected to be loaded with the latest and high-end hardware of the Apple. The specifications of iPhone XS are not confirmed yet but many of the rumors are evolving, depending on that it is expected to be beefed up with the advanced A12 chip. All the S-series lineup of Apple iPhones are most likely to get internal upgrades rather than the design changes. Not only the iPhone XS but all the iPhones of 2018 are about to be revealed with this new chipset. Last year all three iPhones were loaded with the A 11 chip of the Apple.  The good news is that it might be launched with the dual SIM support as well which is hinted by the Apple through the iOS 12 software update.  The 4GB of RAM upgrade from the previous 3GB iPhone X, internal storage of 64GB, 256GB, and a new 512GB is also speculated. This huge storage range is like the laptops hard drives which are coming up with such a vast internal space. These specifications show the boost up in the performance of the iPhone XS,  another thing is that Apple might switch between the Intel and Qualcomm processor.  Additionally, the Apple iPhone XS is speculated to have a dual rear camera along with the front sensor supporting face ID. We also except the upcoming iPhone to have camera enhancements and unsure of what type of advancements. Though we don’t guarantee you the Apple iPhone XS with the dual-SIM support. Apple iPhone XS in Dubai is also expected to be released with the similar specifications and the new color addition would be Gold along with Silver and Space Gold. Few of the market analysts have also predicted that Apple might ditch the home button as well. As it is made of spectacular technology, the Apple iPhone XS will definitely be the most anticipated smartphone for 2018.


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iPhone XS Price in Dubai:

Not only the specification the price tag is also the thing which is considered before making any future plans of iPhone XS 2018 purchase. There is no source or link which has revealed the price tag of the latest iPhone XS in Dubai so there are few speculations about the price range of all the three upcoming models of iPhones.  iPhone XS price in Dubai is not officially confirmed but the estimated iPhone XS price in Dubai is AED 3700 which is around 1000 USD. Since the Apple iPhone XS carries the same design pattern as the Apple iPhone X and may cost nearly same at AED 3669. If this is to be true, then it would definitely add a great value to the money spent on Apple iPhone XS price in Dubai. This new strategy may further boost up the iPhone sales that were flattening recently due to higher cost. It is even true that the Cupertino company need not sell more products to gain profits. They just need to create an impression that it would be worth to spend more. If these predictions come out in reality, then Apple will surely enjoy the fruits of the upcoming Apple iPhones. While the Apple is challenging the higher volumes and greater margins especially from cheaper and affordable iPhones, we need to wait until the December earnings report to have a closer look.


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iPhone XS Release Date in Dubai:

The Apple event of the iPhone XS revelation is going to happen on 12 September which is an international event and can be watched live from anywhere in the world. iPhone XS release date in Dubai would likely be in between the 21 to 28 of the September. The launch is on 12 September and the pre-order of iPhone XS in Dubai would expect to start from the 14 September. There is no confirmation about the dates but iPhone XS release date in Dubai is predicted accordingly to the events. Along with the Apple iPhones, it is even rumored to introduce Apple Watch 4 with a bigger display than its predecessor and the bezel-less design as in Apple iPhone XS series handsets. However, the main focus would be on the Apple iPhones, especially on the plus variant that is said to be Apple iPhone XS Max. Almost all eyes are awaiting the Apple iPhone XS Max considering the features included especially the dual-SIM card slot on Apple iPhones. If rumors are to be true, then this will be the first iPhone boasting dual SIM slots. In 2017, Apple launched only Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and Apple X thus skipping the series and avoiding Apple iPhone 9. So, this we may get to see the Apple iPhone 9 that is ought to be the budget variant of Apple iPhone X. Few rumors suggest different naming series as Apple iPhone XR.  Your wait for Apple iPhones 2018 is nearly about to finish with the September 12 event. So, hold on! the big event is heading nearer and there is much more than expected in store for you to enjoy.

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  • i was really excited to know the iPhone Xs features and specifications,it has all the features as iphone x ,instead iPhone xs much better features like new upgraded processor a12 chip .amazing thing is the dual sim ,this is happening for the first time in case of iphones.

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  • a lot is being talked about iPhone Xs and its specs, iPhone xs is coming up with bigger and better display screen ever,more buzz is being heard regarding iPhone xs price and iPhone xs specifications .after a long wait finally in this week iPhone xs is going to be launched and very soon it might be available in online stores also.this blog was really nice ,this is what i was searching for .

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