10 Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2018

October 10, 2018

Android is the popular open source platform that allows the user to customize according to their requirement. Probably, this nature is making the Android platform most popular over iOS that is said to be restrictive by nature. However, if you are really crazy about using an iPhone, but cannot afford its cost, then you can start using iPhone launchers for Android that make the device feel like an iPhone. This is quite useful if you want to get an exact copy of iPhone on Android UI. Get the iPhone like interface on your Android smartphone with these third-party apps. Below is the list of some of the best iPhone launchers for Android that you can benefit from.

Phone X Launcher

Whenever you think of iPhone launcher for Android, then the first thing that runs our mind is iPhone X launcher. Get a mimic of Apple smartphone on Android with this best iPhone launcher app. Apart from giving out the iOS 11 skin to Android UI, it also lets you have a feel of functioning on iPhone. In case, you have a notch display on the top, then you would love to experience the Apple iPhone X style on Android smartphone. There is even a feasibility to customize the launcher according to your need.

iPhone launcher for Android

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One Launcher

The simple yet lightweight iOS launcher for Android is One Launcher. Highly rated on the Google Play Store, One Launcher can completely change the look of the Android UI by creating duplicate icons, and the user interface. Get the exact feel of iOS and also make use of different themes to customize the Android user interface. It is free to download from Google Play store and is free from ads.

iPhone launcher for Android

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Espier Launcher

For those who are aware of the iOS launchers, the Espier launcher is nowhere a stranger. It completely transforms the look of Android smartphone without showing any impact on the performance of the device. With the severe optimization, the app will make up the home screen more responsive and that too without any limitations of setting up a widget. The latest version of Espier launcher comes in with improved cosmetics with immense customization options.

iPhone launcher app for Android

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xOS Launcher

Another contender that joins our list of best iPhone launcher app for Android is xOS launcher. The smooth interface of this launcher makes it differ from other iPhone launchers. Though the Android smartphone features a low-end hardware, this iOS launcher works pretty well. Also comes in with the customization option which many users love to have it on their devices. Get the exact feel of iOS with this xOS launcher now.

iPhone launcher for Android

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The popular launcher of all the time that is available on Google Play Store for free is iLauncher. The transition effects that you find and the gesture controls are so accurate that you never feel like you are working on an Android smartphone. Interestingly, all these features are offered in a free version. With the hefty customization options that ensure to display iPhone like interface, the iLauncher is the most convenient option to choose from.

iPhone launcher for Android


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OS 10 Launcher

Get the iPhone clone with an ease using the OS 10 launcher app. The best part is, you need not opt for the premium version to enjoy these changes. Once installed on your device, all the system icons are now replaced with Apple icons and even the apps function as in iPhone. It also features weather widget just as in iPhone. All you need is to add the city and immediately you can see the Apple iPhone like weather widget on the screen. Also, customize the launcher to see how you want to. OS 10 launcher is the perfect option for those who are looking for intricate details of iPhone on Android.

iPhone launcher for Android

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Stylish iOS Launcher

The highly recommended app for the Android users to get the iPhone like interface is Stylish iOS launcher. It holds the capability to convert the complete Android interface into the iOS device. Also get the replica of the home screen and its icons thus giving its look like an iPhone. It is available for free download on Google Play store and considering the features and gestures included, this would be the best iPhone launcher app to download.

iPhone launcher app for Android

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X Launcher

Here is another best iPhone launcher app for Android that joins our list. The capability to convert the Android device into iOS with an ease makes it so popular. Get the iOS 11 like interface which makes you feel like working on Apple iPhone X. Also get the iPhone style weather and time widgets thus making it convenient to get the weather conditions for that day. Also get the unique lock screen along with the password unlocks interface only with the X Launcher app.

iPhone launcher app for Android

6 Plus Launcher

The name itself specifies the iPhone launcher make the Android UI similar to the one in Apple iPhone 6. This free application is extremely rated and is the most popular iPhone launcher app for Android. However, it is true that the app is loaded with ads which may make you feel irritated. Also, download and install different iPhone themes thus creating a similar interface as in Apple iPhone.

iPhone launcher app for Android

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iLauncher X

The simplicity along with the ease of functioning makes the iLauncher X to the list of best iPhone launcher for Android. Just download the app and a simple tap lets to replace the Android icons with the iOS icons. However, this app limits the customization options thus making the iPhone launcher to be static. Apart from this it is very secure and is also lightweight to operate. Being a lightweight application, you need not worry about having an impact on overall system performance.

iPhone launcher app for Android

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  • No need to buy an iphone for few features as you can get it on android smartphones by interfacing the device with a iphone launcher apps, you can hide few apps with the help of few Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2018. these iphone launcher apps have the capability to turn your smartphone into iphone.

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