The Next iPhone Camera Technology Might Kill DSLRs

June 14, 2018

It is already a known fact that the technological advancement will lead to the more enhanced features for the smartphones that let you to forget the traditional methods. Well! The same may happen in future with cameras. You heard it right! The upcoming smartphone camera technology is ought to completely replace DSLR. In these recent years, we have seen huge developments to the camera sector especially from the Cupertino company. Considering the present trend, the upcoming phone cameras will be capable enough to capture images that are in fact more impressive than DSLR camera. The sensor technology will experience improvement tremendously thus making it match the quality of full-frame DSLR camera. Just imagine what the future can deliver us. As with the technology, even our expectations tend to rise. The recent patent from Apple gives a foundation to make the smartphone camera even better thus taking it to the next level.

Apple’s New Dual Lens Camera Focusing Lighting Module

When talking about the camera, smartphones have taken a lot of boom in these recent years. It reached such a level that the images captured now match up with DSLR camera. For example, the images captured with Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X are proved to be better than those shot on Nikon D610. As for the Cupertino firm, it was quite successful in enhancing the camera performance for their iPhones. Several critics consider that the camera is the main key for the Apple iPhones. While the Apple iPhone X camera came in with the true depth sensing technology, the upcoming iPhones are ought to bring something more and unexpected. The recent patent from the tech giant reveals an innovative camera technology that can take Apple iPhone camera even more popular. The patent filed suggest the new dual lens camera focusing lighting module that can work similar to DSLR camera. In fact, the additional features make it work and generate images that are of higher quality. As for the flashlight module, it allows users to change LED flash direction, the intensity of the flash and even angle of the beam. The patent filed says “a lighting fixtures module which gives adjustably controllable illumination of a digicam subject of view of a camera module consists of an adjustable collimator which can be adjustably placed such that the emitted light beam is adjustably directed to illuminate diverse areas of various digicam fields of view.”

iPhone camera

Whilst there is no information of when the technology will make its debut on the iPhones, but it is clear that the company will truly release the new flash technology in the near future. Along with the enhanced camera, Apple’s futuristic iPhones are likely to get stronger glass that features enhanced stiffness for iPhone and iPad. Furthermore, Apple has reportedly filed a patent for the tubular glass constructed iPhone that can feature energy to the glass panels. This is achieved either by fibreglass ribbing or through Saffire coating. If the patent filed comes out to be true, then the future iPhones will have strengthened glass. Irrespective of the technology used, Apple is about to bring new features, especially for its camera so as to deliver better quality images on iPhone.

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