How to install the iOS 12 beta on iPhone or iPad

June 4, 2018

Following WWDC 2018 event, Apple iOS 12 Beta update will be available for the users. While the public beta follows the event, we could expect the final version to appear by September 2018. The latest report suggests that the increase in popularity for the Apple iPhones. This would definitely boost up the time that is spent on their phones. Considering its importance, it is always good to have the best software loaded with impressive features thus making the user have the best experience ever. Apple is always good at featuring the best interface and software. With every OS update, it is trying to fix the bugs thus giving us high-quality software. Now Apple is in plans to release a new software iOS 12 that is ought to be feature-rich. Rumours further claim the software to focus on stability and bug checking. Ahead of its launch, let us see some of the best features that Apple iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad is bringing in along with the installation process.

IOS 12 Features

While the iOS 12 beta is about to be available for some people, it is good to be aware of what features it is coming up with. As the last year iOS 11 was made live in September, we expect the new iOS 12 to get into public this mid-September 2018. Recent claims suggest that the upcoming iOS 12 definitely forgo all those drawbacks in the previous release especially in terms of performance and reliability. It even gives a solution to the iPhone battery problems and enhances the security of iOS devices. One big change that you can find is home screen. Since ages, we were unable to see any significant changes to the home screen. This time the iOS 12 brings in a new home screen design. This suits perfectly for the all-screen design that is set for upcoming iPhones. While the Apple iPhone X had iOS 11 all the upcoming iPhone X variants is rumoured to have the latest software. Furthermore, it may further support AirPlay 2 thus rendering multi-room audio support. Here is everything that you need to know about AirPlay 2 .



Installing iOS 12 Beta on iPhone and iPad

The Cupertino company is expected to make the beta version available for the public after WWDC. While the iOS 12 release date is still not confirmed, let us see the installation process that makes it easy for you to install the latest version as soon as you receive the version. Once the iOS 12 Beta download is available after its release, follow few instructions to install iOS 12 Beta on iPhone and iPad. One can get to try the iOS 12 Beta as a developer or as a part of the public beta.

→ If you are a developer, then you can get the preview of iOS 12 from the Apple’s developer website.

→ For a regular public beta, Sign up to the Apple Beta page to register your Apple ID.
→ Check for the Beta Software program and enroll your iOS device.
→ On iOS device, go to
→ Download the program and install the configuration profile.
→Now you can access the beta software update in Settings → General → Software update.

When the update is eventually made available after it rolls out, then you get a prompt to install instantly. Follow the instructions to download and install the latest software. Meanwhile, you can check the upcoming iPhones 2018 that are likely to run on iOS 12.

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