HP Chromebook X2 Two-In-One Tablet First Impressions

June 3, 2018

For a while now, HP has been working on its new Chromebook and now sources indicate that very soon, the device will arrive the UAE market. Codenamed ‘Soraka,’ the upcoming HP Chromebook X2 in Dubai functions both as a tablet and a laptop. It also comes with a detachable aspect, thus making it one of the interesting electronic devices to buy. Now let us delve more into its details and find out what it has in store for us.

HP Chromebook X2 Features:

HP left no stone unturned when it comes to the build quality of Chromebook X2. The company’s decision to offer it in all metal design is indeed impressive. Also, it comes with a ceramic metal color scheme that further gives it an appealing look. Compared to the Pixelbook, which sports an all-white keyboard deck, this one looks stunning in a solid black color. And there is no flex present in the tablet section, however, the keyboard section gets a minimal flex. Besides, there is also the HP’s Active Stylus that combines both plastic as well as lightweight metal. When it comes to the display, it gets a 12.3-inch IPS screen that gives 2400×1600 pixel resolution. Moreover, the touch sensitivity element further makes this tablet provide an excellent viewing experience.No doubt Chromebook X2 is going to be one of the best Hp laptops in Dubai.

Know about HP Chromebook X2 specs, HP Chromebook X2 tablet, HP Chromebook X2 specs, HP Chromebook X2 release date and HP Chromebook X2 price in UAETalking about the keyboard of HP Chromebook X2 in UAE, it looks pretty decent and comes with ample space between keys, thus making it easy for users when typing it. But what’s disappointing with this component is the lack of back-light option. Also, there is no fingerprint reader as this element is missing even on the tablet. In addition, it also features a trackpad that gives a good performance.

When it comes to the keyboard dock, it includes a set of magnets that offers additional security lock for the Chromebook, whenever it is used as a laptop. The device looks just like a regular clamshell laptop when it is docked. Unlike the popular Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad Pro keyboards, this device is especially perfect when traveling. Firstly, the device has a lightweight and the unavailability of extended battery in the dock further makes it convenient for use. Apart from this, the company has also offered this dock with an elastic pen holder useful for holding the active stylus.

Interestingly, the new HP offers the Active Stylus in the box for each Chromebook X2. This stylus is said to be based on the Wacom and can be used on other devices also such as Pixelbook. But it doesn’t come with the Google Assistant function built into the pen. Meanwhile, this device makes use of AAAA battery, which lasts for almost a year but then again, it entirely depends on the use. In addition to this, there are also a few replacement tips provided for the stylus, which helps users when using it. On the other hand, the HP Chromebook X2 tablet is available with a few important ports just like how we see in other laptops and notebooks. It includes two USB Type C ports, a microSD card slot and one port for headphone. Besides, there are also POGO pins available on the base for connecting with the keyboard.

Know about HP Chromebook X2 specs, HP Chromebook X2 tablet, HP Chromebook X2 specs, HP Chromebook X2 release date and HP Chromebook X2 price in UAE

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On the other hand, it sports a decent battery that lasts for almost an entire day with normal to moderate use or when used for around 9 to 12 hours on a single charge. The laptop can be charged using a USB Type-C connection and recharging it is also possible with a USB PD battery pack. As far as the optics are concerned, there is a 5MP front camera offering 720p that is good enough for a video call. And there is also a rear 13MP camera that gives a 1080p resolution of images. Besides these, there are also B&O Play speakers offered to provide an excellent and clear sound output.

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HP Chromebook X2 Specifications:

Moving on to the HP Chromebook X2 specs, it is offered with the Chrome OS that is already pre-installed by the manufacturer. Similar to that of the Pixelbook, the HP Chromebook X2 also has access to the Google Play Store but with no Beta flag. And under the hood, it features the Intel Core M3 processor that is paired with 4GB RAM and 32GB SSD.

Know about HP Chromebook X2 specs, HP Chromebook X2 tablet, HP Chromebook X2 specs, HP Chromebook X2 release date and HP Chromebook X2 price in UAE

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HP Chromebook X2 Release Date & Price In UAE:

HP will start shipping its new detachable device on June 7th, whereas the HP Chromebook X2 release date in UAE is given as June 10, 2018. Based on the reports, the HP Chromebook X2 price in UAE starts from around AED 2200.

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