Horizon Zero Dawn Review

May 17, 2018

The latest PS4 games are concentrating on to deliver more power thus featuring better quality games. The same is the case with the latest PS4 exclusive game, Horizon Zero Dawn. Developed by Guerilla games, the latest Horizon Zero Dawn lets you discover different tribal settlements, ecotopes and more. Released in early 2017, it is still considered to be the best PS4 games online. Though it took around 13 years to develop single series of Horizon Zero Dawn, the output is quite amazing with gorgeous looking design and fun to play on PlayStation 4.

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All About the Nora Tribe- Aloy

Gradually uncover all the mysteries through the different levels, thus giving the ability to transport to the whole new world. As for the Horizon Zero Dawn, it is a thriller action game showcasing the story of a young woman called Aloy. The basic job of Aloy is to find the right track, follow it and fight the enemies. You will play as an Aloy discovering her destiny from the ancient past. Aloy is capable enough to defend against the machines, rival tribes, and be alive in those unforgiving wilds. With the Ashly Burch’s voice to the Orphan Aloy, carries a charming character holding big-hearted heroism. This orphaned outcast uses the new tool called Focus that can tap into the technical artifacts and garners info related to past. Since Aloy was cast out of the Nora for unknown reasons at birth, she decides to dedicate her life to survival training and combat. With a goal to participate in the Nora ceremony named The Proving, so as to identify the truth of her parentage. The Proving is nothing but a custom that lets anyone win a trial thus allowing them to ask whatever they want. Aloy wants to take this a chance to question the tribal community as for why was she abducted and was not given a chance to be a part of society.

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Discover the Open Wide World

Initially, the game just gives you the thread to enter the open world along with some overwhelming tasks to do. Later, the game straggles out into the post-post-apocalyptic world. This wonderland features such a gorgeous environment with snowy forests, mountains, valleys, and wide open desert and jungle areas. To enhance the dramatic vision, it is given some beautiful yet powerful weather systems. No matter in which level you are into, you can be sure to experience consistent pleasure with vibrant environments. Throughout the horizon zero dawn journey, we could see Aloy transforming into different looks and travelling with confidence facing difficult challenges. Horizon Zero Dawn PC is all about hunting each monster. It differs based on the territory and has its own strengths, weakness and attack policy. Unlock all the mysteries that link them together to discover the fate. Horizon zero dawn offers everything from frozen mountain ranges to the dense jungles. You can be sure to experience different ecotopes and geographies. During the journey you will feel the awesome day/night cycle with dynamic weather change conditions. Train yourself to implement the tactics accordingly. Check here for the upcoming games 2018 release in UAE.

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Stunning Visuals With Fighting Machines

Talking about the visuals, you will find some stunning visuals in this game. The surprising aspect is the pace of visuals remains the same throughout the journey. Moreover, the developer preferred to include the new dedicated photo mode that lets you take many snaps while playing. Considering all the features, the Horizon zero dawn is ought to be the best PS4 games and in fact, is said to be better than Uncharted 4. While playing with the zero down, you can hardly experience any issue thus ensuring you to have high-end PS4 gaming experience online. Apart from this, the Horizon Zero Dawn is integrated with a huge set of machines acting as aliens, dinosaurs and more. You need resources like bow and arrow to replenish all those beasts around. They require a dozen of shots to be blown out to take them down. Ofcourse, this aspect is said to be a bit frustrating. With the combo of high-tech components and primitive materials, you will find some highly effective weapons. Take down all those machines using a Hunter Bow, RopeCaster or a Sling. However, in the end, you will find yourself in tear eyes for the first time while gaming. It is not only that you need to fight with machines, there are even some human targets to fight with. Clearing all those bandit camps is one of those side activities while passing through the journey. So, you have plenty of things to do as the journey passes on. It further includes digging in ancient bunkers for clues, climbing the giant brontosaurs-like machine to unlock the next map and tracking machines. Along with this, you can try out playing Xbox and other PlayStation games.



Aloy moves on the entire world with an ease. Thanks to the Guerilla developers, that made the climbing, jumping, rolling look more realistic than ever. Through the entire game, you can hardly find any glitches. Horizon is much more than a game as it offers its fans a plenty of fun and adventure. The Horizon Zero Dawn from the Killzone Guerilla has proved of what they are capable of. It managed to capture humanity along with the thrill of the hunt, thus making its way to the best PS4 games in 2018.

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