Top 5 Best Google Voice Alternatives of 2018

November 24, 2018

The most inexpensive calling solution that many people rely on to handle business communication is Google Voice. It is an affordable VoIP service that easily replaced the telephone system and it works on almost all the platforms including desktop, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Apart from featuring the free calling service, it even offers several other features. One such notable feature is Google voice recorder, that lets to record a call, message, or any audio file on the go. Moreover, it is completely free and is a great option for the business professional who has limited or nill budget. Though it seems to be a great option for freelancers and start-up companies, it doesn’t give a professional tone as other alternatives. So, here will have a look at some of the best Google voice alternatives that you can prefer to make use in your business.


The ideal alternative to the Google Voice, especially for those who are looking for a free or low-cost solution is WhatsApp. There is no Android smartphone that doesn’t have the WhatsApp installed. Apart from allowing to send free messages, the application lets the user have an audio and video call to other WhatsApp user for free. Though not for everyone, this is quite a useful app for those looking to have access to free calls as well as do file sharing simultaneously on the go. For voice recording, there is a Google voice recorder that comes pre-installed in any smartphone.

google voice recorder

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Though an expensive alternative over the Google voice, still the Grasshopper application is worthy enough to download. It features a comprehensive phone system which allows users to set their preference from local, toll-free or vanity number. Moreover, the mobile version is futuristically designed and is loaded for plenty of new features which includes mobile fax signatures, faxes convertible to PDF, voicemail transcriptions and more. For those professionals, who are looking to have their own vanity numbers, Grasshopper is an ideal option.

google voice recorder

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The best-known calling service that acts as a perfect alternative to Google voice is Skype. It is known for its video conferencing technology and easily replaced the standard telephonic services. It can be accessed both from the desktop as well as mobile. This makes it easier to connect where you go. With Skype, video or audio calling from one Skype user to another is not a major deal from any part of the world. Apart from this, it also supports group conference calls, screen sharing, sends images, and many more. If you would like to have a call to a particular phone number through Skype, then it uses a prepaid credit system to do so. However, it lacks in the Google voice recorder feature. To record a call or any audio, you need to download a voice recording app on Android.

google voice recorder

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One of the best online services that act similar to the Google voice is Phonebooth. This phone-based system lets the user make unlimited calls and at the same time, all the calls that are received will be directed to your private number. Apart from this, you get access to several other features such as transcriber voicemail in which the user can directly receive the voicemails to the email. If you want to give it a trial before investing, then request for demo session to have a better understanding of this service. In case, you want to record a call then you can make use of Google voice recorder.

google voice recorder

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The most popular alternative to the Google voice is Line2. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms, also enable users to choose a particular number to make or receive calls as well as text messages from different devices. Additionally, Line2 also enables users to pick a toll-free number. This is the best option for business where the employees often go out of the station and need to stay in touch often. This ensures not to miss out any customer irrespective of the location. Also, enjoy several other features including group conference, group message, call forwarding, picture messaging and more.

google voice recorder

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