Google Could Replace Android With Fuchsia OS By 2023

July 26, 2018

For quite a few years, Google has been working on its new operating system, which is currently being called Fuchsia. This news is not actually a surprise, but what’s keeping everyone on the edge is the rumor that Google might be replacing Android with Fuchsia. Even though there is no confirmation yet, but several sources are hinting at this possibility but also giving rise to a few questions like will Fuchsia power new devices or will it just be used on Google hardware and so on.

Google Fuchsia OS – Things To Know:

According to Bloomberg, a popular media company, a small group of experienced engineers are currently working on the Google new OS for almost two years now. Based on sources, the Google Fuchsia OS is being created from the scratch. Probably, it is being developed to surpass all the limitations and issues of the Android operating system. If that’s the case, it will be suitable to power even the most complex and advanced devices. Moreover, it is also expected to support voice interactions and receive security updates regularly.

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The new Fuchsia operating system is likely to have the same look when used on devices irrespective of smartphones, laptops, and even the minute sensors. A few reports have also mentioned the Google Fuchsia OS to come with advanced artificial intelligence. And if the project works out as planned, there is a possibility for Google to introduce it on connected devices, including smart speakers. Considering this, we can assume that in the coming five years, Fuchsia may completely replace the successful Android operating system. This statement completely makes a sense considering the rumors that are hinting at the Fuchsia operating system release date to be in 2023.

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Like mentioned above, this Google new OS will not feature Linux as in the Android OS. It may require minimal codes and will be tough enough for security vulnerabilities. In addition, we can expect the Google Fuchsia OS to roll out frequent updates. Seems like all these benefits are turning out to be the moving force behind the company’s efforts to bring in this new Google Fuchsia OS and replace it with Android in the days ahead.

Know about fuchsia operating system release date, Google new OS, Google Fuchsia OS and android operating system

A few sources have specifically mentioned that the Google developers are planning to have the new operating system ready for platforms like voice-controlled smart speakers in next 3 years, laptops, and computers in next 3 to 5 years as well as smartphones in the next 5 years.

However, nothing is confirmed yet from the Google’s end. Moreover, the company has also didn’t made a commitment to a roadmap for Fuchsia. Besides, a few issues with the developing team are also said to be taking place over privacy features. Aside from all these, it takes a lot of work and effort to replace the successful Android operating system, which is currently being run on some billions of smartphones, tablets, and other devices across the globe.

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