Google Pixelbook 2 Price in Dubai – Rumors, Release Date, Specs

September 14, 2018

Google is in plans to unveil two new Chromebooks by October 2018. While the Original Chromebook is one of the best products available, there is still in need of improvement so as to match up with future generation products. And of course! Google is trying to do the same with the Google Pixelbook 2 release date that is rumored to be announced by the end of this year. Though not so capable of the MacBook Pro and Windows laptops, still the Google Chromebooks are the best cheap alternative for laptops considering its features. While we are still awaiting the Google Pixel 3 smartphones, before that we could probably taste the fruit of Google Pixelbook 2.

Google Pixelbook 2 Release Date UAE

At the Google launch event planned for October 9, the search giant is likely to announce the new Google Pixelbook 3. Thanks to the leaks and rumors, that gave us some basic idea of the upcoming Google Chromebook. Even ahead of the Google’s Eve last year, the original Google Chromebook was revealed online before it is made official.

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Google PixelBook 2 Rumors, Specs And More

Going along with the Google PixelBook 2 rumors, we assume the device to have the same combination of glass, silicone and metal design as in the remaining Google products. Even the new Google Pixel 2 XL features the similar glass design with the aluminum rear. There is even a chance for the Google to try refining the design and make it look more elegant. As for now, we have only Silver and color options for the first-generation PixelBook, so there is a high probability for an addition of new color shades. As for the Google PixelBook 2 specifications, we expect it to use the latest Intel Core i7 processor rather than the i5. Moreover, it deserves to get at least a 720p camera so as to match up the futuristic devices. Additionally, it may get an extra RAM of around 16GB and the 512GB of internal storage. If this is to be true, then truly it can match up the performance of the basic laptops. Talking about the display, it is presumed to get the same 12.3-inches screen of 2400 X 1600 pixels and a 3:2 aspect ratio. Since, the smaller bezels being the new trend, the upcoming Google device may get minimal bezels thus giving room for the larger screen. Having the latest generation processor, it is also expected to have a battery of more capacity to render all-day battery life. Considering the usage of Pixel devices these days, it became mandatory to include the highest battery to feature longer battery life. Know more about Lenovo Yoga C630 Specifications & price.

Google PixelBook 2

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Google PixelBook 2 Price in UAE

The first Google Pixelbook was priced at AED 3669 and we expect the next generation gadget to have nearly the same price tag. Like the last year model, even the Google PixelBook 2 in Dubai will be a convertible laptop-tablet with compatible stylus support along with the foldable screen. And, you need to pay an extra AED 363 to get the PixelBook Pen.

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