Google Pixel Stand – The World’s Smartest Wireless Charger

October 15, 2018

Google event has introduced many of the new devices with the innovation element infused whereas, two of the much-anticipated smartphones Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL were launched in the event “Made By Google”.  Also a lot of attention has gained by the Google Pixel Stand as it was indeed an exigency to bring it into the market because of the high competition in Dubai, the Google made it diaphanous by delivering the world’s fastest wireless charger of 2018 that what made it to instigate it a bit late.


Google Pixel Stand has taken the title of world’s smartest wireless charger in UAE because of its features and design as well. The portability it brings is unmatchable and enhances productivity too. The Qi charging dock is manufactured into the vertical style that keeps you enabled to use the device either landscape or portrait orientation, even when it’s on charge and turns it into the Google Assistant similar like Google Home Hub. One of the lacks can be observed in the color availability as it has only one color option that is White, Pixel Stand is made of silicone and polycarbonate in a handy small size with the non-slippery gripped base.


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Wireless charging is no doubt a convenience in life and the Google Pixel Stand has 10-watt charging capacity, with the supported functionality of USB-C to USB-C cable, which plugs into the included 18-watt USB-PD (Power Delivery) wall adapter into the Pixel Stand. Google has claimed that the Pixel Stand permits fast wireless charging for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL but the point to be noted here is that it won’t charge the phones faster than the port chagrining system.  One of the smart features it offers that it has the Qi-suitability for any of the latest smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS as well and doesn’t limit it to only for the Google phones.


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Google Pixel Stand has released in UAE with the extravagant features appealing its audiences. Pixel Stand synchronizes with the smartphones by reading its unique ID after that the phone correlates with the stand. You can use multiple Pixel Stands for one phone or vice versa. This all process is called as “handshake” through the microprocessor.  Further, the phone on the dock will eventually activate as a Google Assistant and will help in the various daily activities, like setting the phone on “Do Not Disturb Mode” alternatively it can be a photo frame on your side table. One of the interesting features is the Sunrise Alarm which initiates the ambient lighting in the room before the 15 minutes of the alarm to help in waking up, additionally the My Day feature supports and recall your all the daily activities from the calendar, notifications, reminders, news, traffic alerts and weather updates can be heard only by one command to the Google Assistant.  It can also be modified into a mini music player subsequently changes the display into large sizes icons to help you out into instant clicks. Google Pixel Stand certainly is pumped up with the best of security feature if you have nest doorbell it will let you interrogate who is on the door by making it visible on your phone screen just next to your bed table.


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Google Pixel Stand Release Date in Dubai:

Google Pixel Stand is already launched on 9th of the October along with the other devices proposed including Google Pixel Slate the new Google tablet and Google Home Hub the new Google smart home assistant. Pixel Stand would be soon available in UAE with the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL around the start of the November 2018.


Google Pixel Stand Price in Dubai:

Google Pixel Stand price is premium compared to its rivals in UAE. The price of Google Pixel Stand in Dubai is around 300 AED or 80 USD which is very steep as you can buy any alternative in half of this amount if you are only looking for a Qi-Charging device but if you want your Pixel 3 to act as a mini Home Hub you can defiantly go this device. It only turns Pixel 3 and 3XL into smart Home Hub not Samsung or Apple phones instead it is only capable of powering up those phones.

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