Google Pixel Slate: Rumored Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

October 10, 2018

The next big Google event may bring in few surprises along with the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. Although we heard many rumors about the Google upcoming smartphones, this is the first time to hear about the Google Pixel Slate. This is revealed from one of the trusted sources along with the other two smartphones. It is unsure of what the Google Pixel Slate will be? Is it a tablet or a PC? According to the latest rumors, this will be the first Chrome OS tablet. And it is rumored to have a front and rear with the advanced camera technology. Moreover, it is likely to be a convertible device that molds into a swiveling keyboard. It may also have built-in trackpad as in the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab. Let us look further into more details of the Google Pixel Slate release date, rumored specs, and price.

Google Pixel Slate Release Date

The Google pixel slate is likely to make its appearance alongside two alleged smartphones- Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3XL. The search giant didn’t confirm anything about the existence, we need to wait until the New York event on October 9 to know more details about the Google Pixel slate. Apart from Google Pixel smartphones and tablets, Google is ought to introduce a wireless charging stand along with the latest Android OS.

Google Pixel Slate

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Google Pixel Slate Rumored Specs, and Features

Well! Google didn’t specify anything about the Google Pixel Slate specifications or its release date. It is even unsure of whether Google is developing one or two Chrome OS tablets. But multiple sources hint for two code names- Nocturne and Atlas. The names could of the same devices or may hint for two separate devices. It is alleged to be a surface-pro like a tablet featuring slim bezels along with the attachable keyboard and high-resolution display. Few other sources suggest the device to have a two cameras-front and rear with advanced photo capabilities. It could also feature a fingerprint sensor thus adding up a new feature for the Google Chrome OS. Multiple results from the GeekBench’s Android benchmarking app for the Google Nocturne machine suggest the upcoming Google Pixel Slate run on Intel processors accompanied by 16GB RAM. It is sure to have the memory between 8GB and 16GB. Since Google is planning to introduce the new Android OS- Android 9 Pie, the Google Pixel slate in Dubai may run on the latest operating system. This suggests the device to get additional features. There is a possibility to get the Stylus support along with the support of a physical keyboard to the tablet range. All these specifications, make the Google Pixel slate to be the direct competitor to Apple iPad Pro.

Google Pixel Slate

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Google Pixel Slate Price in UAE

Since the official release date of the Google Pixel Slate is still a mystery, it is quite had to find its price. All in all, the Google Pixel Slate will be a premium version equipped with the latest operating system. The Google event that is going to be held on October 9th will probably reveal the specifications along with Google Pixel slate price in UAE.

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