What is Google Keep notes and How to Use Google Keep?

November 3, 2018

One of the popular note-taking service developed by the search giant, Google is Google Keep Notes. Note-taking tools have gained a huge popularity among individuals as they need not remember every single task or use paper to note everything that runs our mind. It features numerous tools that render its support to take notes which includes text, images, video, and even links. Ensure to keep the information organized with the help of Google Keep. Also, make it as the best tool to jot down instant ideas or any share-to-do task with co-workers thus avoiding any chance to forget the task. Though Google Keep resembles Evernote, still the latter is ought to be the best option to make the things last for long-term. And the Google Notes is a wise option for temporary notes. It is available on the Web and can also be downloaded on Android, and iOS. Let us look further of Google Keep features and process to access Google Notes.

Google Keep Notes Features

Previously known to be Google Keep, the company preferred to change the name of the app to Google Keep notes recently. Except for the name, everything still remains the same on the simple note taking app. Plenty of features add an extra convenience.

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Here are some of the Google Keep Notes features to know about:

– Create Notes, lists, meeting memos and even project task lists.
– Also, edit and update notes on the go.
– Add images, drawing, content along with your voice.
– Also, send notes to other Google products.
– Organize notes by adding in some colors and labels, such that you get access to important notes with an ease.
– Never get away from the important notes by pinning them to the top of the page.
– Make use of search filters to find a note.
– Set reminders to a particular time so that you can get them exactly when you need.
– Share any official notes with other people to mark off the task.

google keep

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How To Access Google Keep Notes?

Here we will discuss the process to access Google Notes app on Android.

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Step 1: Open Google Play store and search for the Google keep app.

Step 2: Tap on install to get it installed on your device.

Step 3: Once installed successfully, open the app to create, edit and organize notes.

Step 4: To create a note, tap on Take a note. Just add a note and once done tap back. If you want to add a note with voice then at the bottom, you will find speaker option. Tap on it to speak your note.

Step 5: Also, add an image by tapping on Add image option. Either capture a photo or choose one from the gallery. Give it a title and tap on the back icon. You can even add images to existing note or remove images from the note.

Step 6: If anyone wants to see or edit notes, then share notes with them. Just tap on the note that needs to be shared, tap on Action-→Collaborator-→ Enter required details such as name, email address. And tap on save.

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So, make sure you never miss a thing with this best note-taking app on your device. Either set a reminder or just jot down the notes for future reference, make use of the Google Keep notes to remember and remind you of the next to-do task.

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