Google Just Launched New Podcasts App For Android

June 21, 2018

The search giant recently launched a standalone Podcasts app for Android users. Given the name as Google Podcasts, it comes in as an integrated feature with Google Assistant. One of the interesting features of the podcasts app is its Artificial intelligence that gives out the application listening skills. For those who are already using the podcast app from Google Play music and other third-party stores, Google Podcasts is quite familiar for them. With around 2 million podcasts available, the apps give out the flexibility to search for new podcasts and download them to play favourite music at your convenience. Google podcast app for Android will definitely attract millions of new podcasts listeners over the world. Furthermore, the app is even integrated into the Google search app thus letting the users find and play podcasts within the search.

“Google Podcasts seamlessly syncs across a variety of Google products, including the Google Assistant. So if you’re listening to a podcast on your phone during your commute home, you can resume it on your Google Home when you arrive. Over time, we’ll integrate Google Podcasts into more places you use Google. With Google Podcasts, we’re focused on helping podcast creators reach a broader audience.”


Though the Google app for podcasts is not fully featured as pocket casts, still it is a great option that lets you started with podcasting with an ease. Moreover, this Podcasts Google Play app is free to download. This Google new dedicated app can synchronize listening across multiple devices thus giving you the option to start with an Android smartphone and end music on another device. Unfortunately, this podcasts for Android doesn’t support Chromecast so you may not be able to connect to a Chromecast speaker. Unlike the iOS podcast app, this podcast for Android is easy to setup and lets the users have an unlimited entertainment. In the near future, Google is likely to add in additional Artificial intelligence based features that can make your Android podcast app experience even better. Apart from integrating AI driven recommendations, Google is even in plans to increase its customers by bringing in diversity through the podcasts provided. Let us see further into the process of how to get started with the Google free Podcast app.

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Getting Started With Google Free PodCast App

Now that Google Podcasts app for Android is available globally on the Play Store, let us have a sneak peek into the Google Podcast app startup process. After loading the podcast app, it throws some recommended music in case you are not sure of what to listen to. All the podcasts are organized based on different themes and popular podcasts. Swipe through different options to select your favourite track to listen. Once done, now you are taken to a screen that displays podcast name, logo and author name along with a brief description. You can even find the list of categories which includes Sports, Religion, Comedy, Society & Culture, Arts, News & Politics and more.


Either search for a podcast, click on a given podcast or browse through the recent podcast list. Want to add a podcast on your home screen, then just tap on the menu icon on top-right corner wherein you will find the option to add a podcast. Talking about the playback options, you can play, pause, or skip forward for 30 seconds. You can even skip back for 10 seconds. The major attraction is its ability to control playback speed and different speed options to choose from. Despite these features, the podcast app still lacks in some of the key specifications. Well! This should not be a concern as this would be just a basic podcast app that offers AI-powered recommendations based on your listening partners. So, download the Google Podcasts app now from Google Play Store. It is free to download and is available across all countries.

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