Google Game Console Could Compete With Sony PS4 And Microsoft Xbox

July 6, 2018

For quite some time now, there has been news about the game console brands to bring in successors to the existing consoles like Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One X. But in the recent times, some sources are suggesting that there is another company working on a gaming console and it is none other than Google. If this happens to be true, we might probably see Google competing with other two strong rivals in the gaming industry.

According to one of the video game websites, the world’s most popular search engine and internet browser Google is in process of developing a game console. The website indicates that Google might even come up with a specific streaming platform as well as hardware while employing the talented and experienced game developers.

It is said that the tech giant has been researching about the video game market for quite a long time now. Many sources even indicate that the company intended to grab Twitch before being taken by Amazon in 2014. At the time of Game Developers Conference in March, some representatives at Google even had discussions with other popular gaming companies, while knowing if they have an interest in its streaming platform. Besides, the company has also held meetings and met developers at E3 regarding the same.

Google has currently code-named the gaming console as ‘Yeti”. Rumors indicate that the company is showing interest to buy development studios. On the other hand, the streaming platform is also said to be the same as the NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. It is probably in plans to render graphics to the next level so that even the reasonably priced computers would be capable of supporting even high-end games. So this might indicate that gamers will likely not require a costly graphics card or a console to play popular games such as Call of Duty, Witcher 3 and more. Moreover, sources also indicate that gamers will no longer have issues with the clunky hardware and can stream the title using the Chrome tab.

google game console release date google new game console

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Latest Hardware:

On the other hand, some sources are indicating that the Google game console might be connected to the company’s streaming service. But there is still no clear idea if the tech giant wants to rival with the technical aspects offered by other consoles like Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation. Also, it is not known if the Google new game console will be a low-end device and function only with its streaming service and make resource-intensive games to work properly.

When the company is already in plans, the best hardware partner for Google would be Nvidia. Although there is AMD whose work with the Xbox and PS4 was excellent, the company might still go with Nvidia as it has expertise in several key areas. Some of the specific spheres where Google might benefit by partnering with Nvidia include the Android platform, ARM CPU, micro-console, GPU design, and development as well as console business. If Google intends to come up with a premium and high-end console, Nvidia is the perfect choice because of its ARM and Android expertise. But if the company wants to debut the gaming industry with a product that is completely Google-owned and branded, then it has several options to go with including Qualcomm.

However, this is just a rumor doing rounds over the internet and nothing yet has been confirmed or even announced by the company. It is yet to be known whether Google is planning to introduce a new hardware or just come up with its Chromecast. In addition to this, if the tech giant really comes up with a gaming console, it must be known what the Google game console release date in UAE is and also how much the Google game console price in UAE will be.

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