Google Fuchsia Release Date, News and Rumors

October 9, 2018

Google is a well-known search engine and within no time it has created a unique place in offering a number of operating systems. The Google’s Android is claimed to be the most used platform than iOS. Then, we got to see Google Chrome OS that is intended for laptops. Again, it has created a sensation with the Wear OS designed for smartwatches. So, there is no doubt that Google has spread itself in almost all segments. And now, we got to hear rumors since 2016 about this search giant to be working on a completely new OS called as Google Fuschia or Google Andromeda. It is quite unclear of what Google Fuchsia OS is intended for, but the reports hint this operating system to replace Android. So, let us read on further to know more about Google Fuchsia release date, news, rumors and more.

Google Fuchsia Release Date

The Google’s new OS, Google Fuchsia is been in rumors several times since August 2016. Irrespective of its features, the platform used and other details, we may not expect the Google Fuchsia release date to happen in the near future. Few speculations suggest the Fuchsia OS in the development stage and may take three years for just smart home devices. The full public release may happen in the next five years. It would be a great surprise if we see the Google Fuchsia release before 2024. Ahead of its release, we are sure to keep you updated with the all new information of the Google Fuchsia OS.

Google Fuchsia OS

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Google Fuchsia News, Rumors, and more

Though there is not much known about Google Fuchsia OS, still we can find several rumors circulating around. Now the obvious question that may run our mind is why is the Google trying to replace Android with Fuchsia. Android is one of the strong contenders and is even a massive platform than iOS. If Google is really looking out to replace Android mobile OS with an unfamiliar platform, many people may don’t like. Because almost everyone is habituated to Android and they are not looking after for any change. If not for mobile, then for what sector Google Fuchsia is intended for? Well! Few hints suggest the alleged Google Fuchsia is not to replace Android, rather it will be for a new Internet of things(IoT) platform. Another rumor claims that this new platform is being designed to bring different devices together. The Google Fuchsia is a hybrid OS that is still in the development stage. According to few sources, the Fuchsia comprises of two distinct user interfaces connected with each other. This approach is quite similar to existing Microsoft Windows 10 that is intended for PC, laptop, tablets and even for gaming consoles.

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Google Fuchsia OS

All these interfaces run on the same root code called as ‘kernel’. In Google Fuchsia, this root code is termed as ‘Zircon’ that can add an extra level of security, make the OS consistently upgradeable, and makes it safe from applications. Whether the Google Fuchsia is for the mobile or desktop, it will be made available on all its Android and Chrome OS products. Finally! It is unsure of what Fuchsia OS will bring in, but considering the rumors, it is ought to render enough potential both in terms of security and development strategies. Now, we need to wait and see how the new Google Fuchsia will be able to integrate with the existing operating system.

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  • Google Fuchsia is going to be the upcoming operating system and its obvious that google pixel smartphones might bag this new Google Fuchsia in the near future.i hope Google Fuchsia os is introduced in google pixel 3 and google pixel 3xl , though the possibility seems to be less but i just wish this could happen.

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