Google Contacts Apps v3.2 Adds Dark Mode Theme

November 15, 2018

Now, we got to see another Google-based application to receive the dark mode theme- Google Contacts. The most generous white design that was going on for several generations, is now demanding for the dark theme. While the Android messages, Google News have already received dark mode theme, Google contacts app is the latest app to join the list. Recently, Google rolled out the new version V3.2 that is likely to bring in the dark look for Google contacts. After updating to the latest version, you might require to enable “Turn Dark theme On” that appears in the settings. Initially, Google contacts app has been updated back in August with material design interface. It missed out the dark mode that is known to preserve battery life on smartphones. Dark mode is quite popular for many apps and being so advantageous, it is likely to make its appearance even in other applications. The first thing that makes the dark mode popular is its ease of use, especially on eyes. This is especially useful to access the handset during night times. Moreover, as already specified it is known to preserve the overall battery life of a device. So, it is of no surprise for Google contacts app to receive dark mode with its redesign.

Google Contacts Dark Mode

Though the Google contacts received the material design interface in August, it was quite divisive. This is due to the extreme amount of white included in the Google contacts app which is grating on the eyes as well as consuming enough battery life. The apps like Android messages are already updated with the dark theme and it is now the turn of Google contacts app to get rid of the bright white design. Thanks to the latest version V3.2 that now comes in with dark mode settings. In case you are not finding the option, then you are still using the same old version v3.1. From the recent surge that was done in the use of the dark theme, it is known that dark mode at 50 percent brightness consumes around 14 percent lesser battery than the normal bright white mode. While kept at 100 percent screen brightness, it consumes 60 percent less battery. Since it is not the pure black theme thus making it more AMOLED friendly. Even the pastel blue color of the icons works well with the dark theme. Not all of them have received the latest version, so be patient! You will receive an update on your device as soon as it is rolled out to all the devices.

google contacts app

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How to Access Google Contacts Dark Mode?

After you receive the latest update, here is how you can get access to the dark mode. The process is pretty simple as you need not jump into any settings to enable.

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 Step 1: Open hamburger menu on the left end.

Step 2: Scroll to find the dark theme option. Tap on “Turn dark Theme on”

Step 3: A single tap would enable this mode and the complete UI changes to dark grey instantly.

Step 4: In case, you don’t find the option right after the update, head to settings to force close the Google contacts app. Re-open it to find the dark theme feature.

google contacts app

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