What Is Google Assistant And What Can It Do?

July 7, 2018

Today, the virtual assistant feature has become quite common in the latest smartphones and many other devices. It is Apple which first came up with Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant that is followed by Amazon with Alexa, and Microsoft with Cortana. Siri was a huge hit and clicked right away among users after its arrival. But currently, it is Google Assistant which has surpassed the success of all other voice assistants including Siri.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant, in simple terms, is described as a voice-controlled smart assistant by Google. This Android assistant was actually an extension or an evolution of Google Now, which also expands the voice controls. This feature provided all details without even the users asking for it.

It was in 2016 when Google first unveiled this feature. Google Pixel and Pixel XL were the first phones to receive the assistant. Then it was offered in Google Home and Wear OS. Since the time of its launch, this aspect has progressed a lot and the company has even partnered with other brands. For instance, there is a dedicated Google Assistant button offered in LG G7 ThinQ. Based on this, we can say that Google virtual assistant is now available for a wide range of devices, right from smartphones to speakers, headphones to smart TVs and more. Some of the popular mobiles on which, this assistant is available, include Samsung Galaxy S9, Honor 7X and so on. Hence, let us know more about this Android assistant in detail and find out what actually it can do.

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What Google Assistant Can Do For You?

Google Assistant comes packed with several features that let you carry out a number of tasks. The following are some of the key aspects of this Google virtual assistant.

1. Unlocks your device:

Take help of Google assistant whenever you want to unlock your device using its voice command feature. To do this, go to Google Assistant settings, choose OK Google detection and Trusted Voice.

2. Open applications:

This assistant is of great help, particularly when you are in a situation where you need using your phone but cannot. In such cases, just say, ‘OK, Google, open Gmail’ or any other app that you want to see.

3. Google Image Search:

Do you want to look at some cute and interesting images on your phone? Then just ask the Google Assistant to search for your favorite images on Google. And in no time, you will find your desired images before you.

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4. Listings:

Whether you want to drop by at an apparel store or visit one of the best restaurants in your city, you can take help of this virtual assistant. It helps you by providing a list of the places around you, be it shopping malls, restaurants, cinema halls, or any other along with ratings, directions, as well as address details.

Know about google assistant device, google virtual assistant and android assistant

5. Daily Updates:

You no longer have to rely on other sources to check the daily news or weather report. Without even talking to Google Assistant, you can get all the details on your phone’s home screen by activating daily subscriptions in the Allo, which is the company’s very own messaging app.

6. Switch on and off your TV:

Use the Google virtual assistant feature to turn on and off your TV. This can be done using IFTTT that is linked to the Google Assistant online. Just say, ‘OK, Google, turn on the TV’ without even the need of using a remote. Besides, it is also possible to control the television and even change the channels using a Logitech Harmony remote, which also allows you to make a connection with Google Home.

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