Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Leak Reveals Advance Technology

September 11, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has already created its charm in the market and everybody is impressed with its amazing performance and high-end specifications. After the release of Note 9 now all the eyes are on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 as it is the much-anticipated smartphone of 2019 with the extraordinary features. Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to release with the more advanced technological hardware. The Korean giant is famous for bringing up the new changes, the innovation of Samsung first foldable smartphone is also expected to release in the same year.

Ultrasonic in-display scanner:

The 3 versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 mini are already in news but the latest news is that it would be loaded with the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. This was already patented by the Samsung with many of its innovative patents. The latest ultrasonic in-display reader is the most reliable and fast security method until time. Further, the first generation ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner was introduced in 2015 by Qualcomm and the second generation scanner was already used by the few of the Chinese smartphone brands in 2017. It is expected that the latest third generation ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor of Qualcomm would be used by the Samsung.  This is something gigantic for the Qualcomm as Samsung S10 would be the huge start of the year in the industry and millions of the units are expected to be selling around the world. The already released Chinese phones with second-generation scanner have not marked any significance but Galaxy S10 has the chance to impress with this latest technology.


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Advance Features of Ultrasonic in-display Scanner:

This would be the major element which is going to enhance the security performance of Samsung Galaxy S10 as the ultrasonic in-display reader is much efficient and accurate. It has the ability to capture the prints in three dimensions. Whereas, except few of the smartphones the other in the market have the optical fingerprint sensor which is comparatively cheaper but delivers the same results.  Another interesting point is that the ultrasonic in-display reader can function under the water and also have the ability to work even beneath the thick 800-micron glass slabs.


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Models releasing with Ultrasonic in-display Scanner:

The two of the Samsung Galaxy S10 models are speculated to be loaded with this new fingerprint technology which would be installed inside of the display, moreover, the one handset of Samsung Galaxy S10 mini is expected to be launched with the under display imagining style sensor.


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The focus on security is indeed an important thing in a smartphone as now it is one the gadget which is always been loaded with the personal data and stuff. The other security models like facial recognition and iris scanner are also successful and the combination of a few security models usually are being offered with the single smartphone to give the user complete security assurance with its device. The biggest rival of Samsung, Apple is about to release iPhone Xs Max with the more enhanced Face ID system rather than the Touch ID which would be one of the key differentiation in the top brands.

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  • Ultrasonic in-display Scanner is the most talkable feature in samsung galaxy s10. this device has really amazing specifications , samsung galaxy s10 seems to be using advanced technology which is very impressing.hoping to see this smartphone in market as soon as possible.

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