Fitbit Versa Vs Apple Watch Series 4: Which Smartwatch To Consider?

February 2, 2019

The built-in features of the Apple Watch Series 4 make it the best smartwatch ever. It comes in with the GPS, LTE, EKG sensor, edge-to-edge screen, and fall detection. But, to get all these features, you must spend around $500. Moreover, the increased functionality even reduced the average battery life of the Apple Watch Series 4. Fitbit is a bit different from Apple smartwatch. Recently, it has unveiled three new Fitbit smartwatches- Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Charge 3. Surprisingly! All these three smartwatches measure battery life in terms of days rather than hours. Fitbit Versa even ensures to keep track of your health after you are asleep thus making it a worthy choice than Apple Watch Series 4. Since both the smartwatches are going head to head, let us find out how they compete in the real-time environment.

Fitbit Versa Vs Apple Watch Series 4: Design

Fitbit has tried all its best to improvise the overall design of the Fitbit Versa. It now has a curved edge with aggressive corners which enhances the overall look and feel of the smartwatch. It features a 1.34-inches LCD screen with a thin and compact design, which makes it a perfect choice for your wrist. On the other end, the Apple Watch Series 4 is built of the ceramic and Sapphire crystal, thus making it capable to allow radio waves to float around for cellular service. It is available in two sizes- 40mm and 44mm. Moreover, the screen size is 30 percent larger than the previous model and is even thinner than Apple Watch Series 3. One of the exciting features is Apple Watch Series 4 can now perform ECG. Even the speaker is redesigned and is now 50 percent louder. So, the phone calls are more clear now. If you are behind the design, then with the improved features and sleek design, Apple Watch Series 4 is claimed to be the best option.

Apple Smartwatch

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Fitbit Versa Vs Apple Watch Series 4: Specs And Features

Talking about the specs and features, it is good to know that the affordable Fitbit Versa matches up with the Apple Watch Series 4. Like the Fitbit Ionic, even the Fitbit Versa mainly aims at the fitness and can do everything as the Apple smartwatch does. You get to experience all the basic features such as automatic activity recognition, inactivity reminders, deep and REM sleep stages( you may not find this level of detail in Apple Watch) and more. It even comes in with a Purepulse heart rate sensor that can store heartbeat for every second especially while exercise and at the remaining times, it stores the heartbeat at 5-second intervals. Moreover, Fitbit recently came out with another feature called Female Health Tracking feature which allows women to find how periods impact their daily life. On the other end, the Apple Watch Series 4 is nowhere behind with its improved set of sensors. One of the biggest additions to the latest Apple Smartwatch is ECG reader. The new sensors included boost the general health tracking services and gives out a measurement of heart electrical activity. It is mainly intended to help the medical practitioners to spot for any anomalies. While the Fitbit smartwatch lacks this feature. Moreover, Fitbit uses its own OS which means that it doesn’t extend its support for the popular music streaming services such as Spotify. Moreover, the Series 4 smartwatch comes in with the support of built-in GPS which is really useful for the runners. The Apple Watch Series 4 runs on the upgraded WatchOS5 which is loaded with numerous features. Cellular connectivity is something to talk about in Series 4. The watch automatically shifts to the cellular signal when you are away from the phone.

Apple Smartwatch

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Fitbit Versa Vs Apple Watch Series 4: Battery Life

Both smartwatches come in with a rechargeable Lithium battery. Despite the pricey option, the Apple Watch Series 4 in UAE is left behind in terms of battery life. With the 145mAh battery, Fitbit promises to deliver around four days of battery life and with the continuous playback, it may be a bit lesser. Moreover, Fitbit Versa just takes two hours to get fully charged. On the other end, the Apple Watch Series 4 can render the only day and a half battery life with the GPS feature activated.

Apple smartwatch

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Fitbit Versa Vs Apple Watch Series 4: Price And Availability

Being an Apple product, it is a well-known fact that the Apple Watch Series 4 costs higher than the Fitbit Versa. While the Fitbit Versa price in UAE costs around AED 200, the Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS starts at AED 400. The Apple Watch Series 4 with both GPS and cellular support costs even more at AED 500. So, if you want to enjoy additional features and price is not a major concern then the Apple Watch Series 4 is the better option. For those looking for an affordable option, the Fitbit Versa is the best way to go.

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