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April 11, 2016

Tablets have revolutionized the world of PCs, and taken over the market with its charming, compact characteristic, and portable nature. There are many tablets in the market these day, making it quite difficult to pick the right one.

So, how can you purchase the ideal one that caters to your requirements perfectly?

To pick the right tablet, take the following points into consideration.

♦ Reason

First ask yourself, what you plan to use your tablet for. Are your replacing your laptop with one? Do you need it only for playing games or watching movies on? Is it for your tot to use?
By doing this, you can get a better understanding of what your tablet requirements are, and what you n♦eed to look for when purchasing one.

♦ Operating Software (OS)

There are various OSs that Tablets run on, with some of the most popular ones being Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry. Pick the one that you’re comfortable using, or offer the ideal features.

♦ Updates

Ensure that the Tablet receives OS updates, often and on time.

♦ Processor

A fast processor will ensure smooth functionality, and better graphics which is especially necessary if your main purpose of buying a Tablet is for gaming. If you purchase a tablet with a slow processor, then get ready to experience a slow performance, and lags galore.

♦ Screen

Resolution, Touchscreen Interface, and Panel. Three factors to look into, for the perfect screen on your Tablet.
The Resolution needs to be high enough to do justice to the visuals.
The Panel should emit color-correct, vivid content that can be viewed from various angles.
The Touchscreen should be easy to use. There are two main types of touchscreens- Capacitive, and Resistive. Capacitive is the most responsive when using your finger on it. And Responsive is preferable if you plan to use a stylus for navigation.

♦ Connectivity

All tablets allow you to connect to the Wi-Fi. However, some also come equipped with 3G data capabilities with the help of a SIM card. With a 3G Tablet, you can connect to the Internet from anywhere. Not just from home, or your favorite hangout with free Wi-Fi.

♦ Battery Life

Ensuring your device provides a long battery life, is essential in the Tablet world as it’s mainly purchased for its portable feature. Check that it does so, lest it leaves you hanging when you need it the most.

♦ Size

The whole reason for using a Tablet is that it’s compact, handy and convenient for daily use. It needs to be bigger than a smartphone, and smaller than a laptop, so that navigating through, and going about your tasks on it, would be a cinch.
There are tablets that are as small as 6”, and those that are a whopping 10” long. And all vary in terms of weight, too. You need to pick the one that’s perfectly proportioned for your needs, and won’t be too cumbersome to carry around.

♦ Storage Space

If you need a Tablet just for basic functions, to store a light game or two, maybe a list of songs, and a small collection of photos, then a 16GB Tablet would be sufficient for you. But if you mean to equip it with a lot of heavy apps, and tons of HD videos, then you may require more storage memory space.
Some tablets allow for external storage, with SD cart slots fitted into it. So, merely pick the one that caters to your storage requirements.

♦ Speakers

Tablets do come with speakers, although not very loud ones. If you prefer real good speakers, then don’t forget to check the speaker quality of the Tablet before purchasing it.

♦ Camera

Most tablets sport a camera or two, either on the rear, the front, or both. The front-facing camera is meant mainly for video-calls, so quality of the same will be decent enough.

♦ Price

Lastly, take your budget into consideration. Tablet prices will differ based on brand, and features. So purchase the one that fits within your set financial boundaries, best.

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