6 Ways to Find out if Someone Is Secretly using your PC

July 7, 2018

Do you think your PC is used by someone secretly when you are not around your desk? Here we have covered a few methods to identify if someone is secretly using your PC. Clear all doubts by implementing these methods on your device. With these techniques, you can even see what they were trying to do on your computer. In these days, we almost save everything on our system and irrespective of using password, there exists several hacking tools of 2018 that let another person have access to every information on our system. Especially Windows PC is easily prone to hacking due to which we should be aware of measures to know if anyone is using our system secretly in your absence. Secure your data and personal files from being used by an anonymous user with these simple methods. Let’s explore the details together.

Method 1: Windows Event Viewer

Windows Event Viewer is one of the easiest ways to check if someone is secretly using your PC. To activate the feature, run the program by pressing Windows Key + R and type in eventvwr.msc. Press enter to see the Event Viewer screen. And double click on Windows Logs on the left slidebar. This log takes tracks all the information of recently used data with accurate date and time. The data recorded can help to easily find if your Windows PC was when used the last time. On the Windows Vista and UAC pops up, then you must click on continue before finding the system Log. Prevention is better than cure. So, activate it before for the Windows PC protection.

if someone is secretly using your PC

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Method 2: Check Recently Used Files

While the Windows Event viewer just lets you know if someone is secretly using your PC, but it won’t give information of what was being used for. If you want to know even this information then open any application that is often used. This shows of which files were opened recently. To open Go to File-→ Open recent files. You can also check for the files that are modified recently. Open the window to find the data modified option and select the calendar appropriately.

if someone is secretly using your PC

Method 3: Check Browser History

Another best method to identify if someone has used the system secretly is to check web browser history. Of course! This is the first thing to do when you are in doubt that someone is secretly using PC in your absence. On the right end of the browser, you will found three dots, right click on it to view browsing history. It displays all web pages that are recently opened and browse by date. However, do not completely rely on this history as this history can be erased very easily. If some professional is using your device, then they may erase the history before you observe.

if someone is secretly using your PC

Method 4: USBDeview

Any hidden user is stealing your data without your knowledge? Want to know what is modified on your PC? Then the probable solution is USBDeview. This is a simple yet effective program to keep track of all actions performed on all USB devices that are connected to the PC recently. It also displays the history of usage of all USB devices previously used. With USBDeview, view details of all those connected and accessed USB drives to your PC. For example, if someone plugs a pen drive to get data, then the USBDeview gives you complete information of what has been sent to the pen drive or what is being loaded from the drive. Download this computer monitor software especially for monitoring USB devices that are connected to PC.

if someone is secretly using your PC

Method 5: Logon Auditing Policy

Running on Windows 10 Pro, then you have the chance to audit all the logon events occurred on your PC or laptop. Track the sign-in and Sign-out attempts with this built-in feature that comes with free download Windows 10 latest version. To activate this event, run the command box and type in gpedit.msc and click OK. This opens the Local Group policy editor and later browse for Computer configuration and follow the path for the Audit policy. Click on Audit Logon to enable the success/failure options and click Apply.

Find Out If Someone Is Secretly Using Your PC

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Method 6: Open Safeview Files

Another useful tool that lets you know about the list of files being accessed from the Windows is Open Safe Files view. Keep track of all those activities that are done on the files and folders. It can be either opening, saving, modifying or any sort of changes done to the files/folders, this tool gives you a clear picture of activities done.

Apart from the above-specified methods, there exist many other ways that let you find if anyone accessing your system without your permission. Even the history that is found in VLC media player lets to check recent media files accessed by unauthorized users. So, if you feel that your system is not protected and is hard to keep off from people, then use these methods to find what is happening with your PC when you are not around. Also, have a look at best screen recorder for Windows 10 free download.

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