5 Free Fake Call Apps to Prank Your Friends

October 21, 2018

Prank call! The term that came into existence since the telephones have arrived. The debut of the smartphones took the fun of prank calling to a completely new level. They are at times wherein we also try calling our friends from an unknown number to have fun and play jokes. It is quite fun to do so especially with our friends and family. Being a hilarious activity it should be done with the person only if they take it in the right way. The fake call app lets to change your voice or even gives out a fake caller ID thus confusing another person. Want to make a prank call? But don’t know of where and how to start with? Don’t worry! Have a quick prank call with these best fake call apps that also generates funny names which you can use while calling. Fool your friends and enjoy to the core with these applications. Before making use of the applications make sure that these apps are for only fun and should not be used for any illegal purpose.

Fake-A-Call Free

The best free fake call app that let to prank with your friends to have fun is fake-a-call. Select from your favorite ringtone to make it play when the call is answered. Click on the preview button to listen to voice or music before you select and try to apply to your friend. Also, record your own audio and schedule a prank call for later. Choose any image from the gallery to set for your fake caller ID thus making other people believe that it is not a prank call and can be answered. You have the option to choose from your friend, annoying boss, bailout call and more.

fake call app

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Prank Call

With the best user rating on the Google Play Store, Prank call app tops our list of best fake call apps for smartphones. Though it is not a feature-rich app, still it is known to be the best applications as it doesn’t feature any in-app purchases. Set particular date and time, and the phone will automatically ring either from the police, doctor, girlfriend or any known person. Download the app now to get out of the bored situations. Also, give yourself a fake caller ID. Also, record the voice of a caller and save it on your device.

fake call app

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The app that cannot be excluded from the list of best fake call app is IntCall. Make every laugh and have fun by making a fake call using a different voice. Yes! The feature to change your voice is something hilarious. However, it doesn’t fake call as any other apps, but it just allows to make use of an alternate number to have a call. The main highlight of the app is its ability to change the pitch of voice accordingly and even the sound effect while on the phone call. Moreover, you can even display a terrifying picture on your friend’s phone suddenly along with a horror sound.

fake call app

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Fake Call 2

Another beautiful fake caller ID application to try out is Fake call 2. The app allows to fake a call from your girlfriend. It can also simulate a fake caller ID thus preventing you to get into an awkward situation. While having a prank call, set your favorite caller profile picture, number, and even name. The feature to record your voice allows to record any fake voice and this can be played automatically when you receive a call. Apart from having a fake call, the app also offers the feature of fake chat. Also, choose the delay time to receive the fake call or fake message.

fake call app

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Scary Prank Cam

Want to scare your friends with a few minutes of horror video? Then here is a prank app that lets to record your video of a few minutes in which you can insert any horror scene. It is loaded with different modes which you can easily use them on your friends thus making them get scared for a while. However, to make use of this app ensure to keep the volume up and then launch an app. So, download it on Android or iOS to record the video and share it online.

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  • hey i love these apps to make prank calls and the last app Scary Prank Cam is the most funny app, i used it many times and trust me the person on the other side will be terrified with the call.as soon as the other person pics the call they see scary pictures moving that too horror.but its fun.

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