E3 2018 News, Games, Trailers And More

June 12, 2018

One of the most happening events in the gaming industry is back again with shocking reveals of games. Excited to find out all those interesting news, games, trailers happening at E3 2018. As always, here we have rounded up all those exciting and innovative announcements that are made at the popular event from top manufacturers like Sony, UbiSoft, Microsoft and more. Even let us have a look at the best game trailers released at E3. Though the official dates of the event are from June 12-14, there exist many actions that are happening ahead of the show. This is the best place where almost all the publishers try to show off their games which we can look forward to in the future. Read on further to stay updated with all the news, rumours, trailers, and everything about E3 2018.

Sony At E3 2018

At an E3 press conference, Sony revealed a handful of PlayStation games including the more advanced Spider-man, Nioh 2, Last of Us part II and more. It released a trailer of each game which gives us some basic idea about the game and its graphical strengths. While the most attractive game being the Death Stranding trailers that is sure to create a buzz around. Even the Ghost of Tsushima is coming as a strong contender into the open world. The Resident Evil 2 remaster looks nice and is likely to appear sometime in January 2019. While it will take enough time to make it available, still it is good to know that we have plenty of games in store for us, especially from Sony.


UbiSoft At E3 2018

The folks behind Ubisoft are looking forward to put something big on the show. As always, it continued to throw big surprises with its latest games. Apart from the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The Division 2, the company also showcased the Skull & Bones trailer along with Beyond Good & Evil 2. While the beta version will be available very soon, you can pre-load the Ubisoft racing game, The Crew 2 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One, thus joining the list of most anticipated PS4 games of 2018. The next popular dancing franchise from Ubisoft is Just Dance 2019. This is just not the end, there is more from the Ubisoft and you will never find any shortage of announcements With UbiSoft.

Microsoft At E3 2018

Kicking off the press conference on the second day, the Microsoft holds some phenomenal lineup of games. Along with the most popular Halo Infinite and Gears 5, Microsoft preferred to add up sequels of Devil May Cry 5, Dying Light and many more. You can now enjoy the adventure of Captain Spirit. Even the Cuphead is getting a new character with some new bosses and enemies. Crackdown 3 trailer for Xbox One and PC will leave you excited. Apart from this, there exists Gears of War, Just Cause 4, Kingdom Heart 3, Metro Exodus, Xbox One Game Pass and the list goes on.

Nintendo At E3 2018

Officially, we are in the midst of E3 2018, this makes it clear to have a non-stop live streaming of exciting games all over the world. One of the biggest game publishers, Nintendo is about to announce its gaming news. Apart from Sony’s bigger announcements, we still have more in store regarding gaming news. Since nothing is made official, we can still expect the Nintendo to introduce Mario Tennis Aces with the tagline of The Match of the Century. It may also show off Pokemon Switch, Yoshi Switch and Super Smash Bros Switch. While it is sure that Nintendo is releasing all its games for its switch in 2018. It is quite unlikely to see the Metroid Prime 4 release and even the Bayonetta 2.

EA At E3 2018

Being ahead of everyone, EA kicked off the show on June 9. Though the release of Anthem is confirmed, however, we still have to wait for it until the next year. For PC gaming, there is a Madden NFL 19 and a Battlefield 5 showed up with a trailer. Finally, EA even took time to introduce the new service Origin Access Premier that lets users go through hundreds of game from EA and other publishers. Furthermore, it even gives access to the latest releases.

Biggest E3 Predictions and Expectations

Until now, we have seen of what the popular gaming developers are about to announce at an E3 press conference. Well! Let us even take some time to figure out our predictions and expectations from the biggest tech show. First and foremost is the PlayStation 4 and Xbox consoles are now older and everyone expects a new generation of gaming console hardware. While Nintendo is figuring out to give out switch consoles this time, we may get to hear new Star Fox game. However, we still have to wait for what this year E3 has in store for all those gaming enthusiasts.
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