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November 12, 2018

Get irritated by listening to your same old playlist? Download Spotify premium apk and tune in to the world of ecstasy, fun, and excitement. The topmost music streaming platform, Spotify Premium can be accessed from any mobile device. The user-friendly interface of Spotify helps you tune in to millions of songs while rushing to your office. Listen to your favorite genre by downloading it on your smartphone. Head over it to enjoy offline streaming of high-quality audio that you would not get anywhere else.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk:

Get access to an unlimited number of songs on the premium version of Spotify.  Check out the features of Spotify premium free apk that you are still not aware of:

Download Spotify Premium

Unlimited Downloading

Get unlimited offline streaming of your favorite songs by downloading it.  The offline streaming of downloaded songs helps you catch up with your melodies even when you don’t have Wi-Fi access.


Share, Shuffle, and Repeat

You can also share your favorite soundtracks with your friends by hitting the share option that appears just below the Queue list. Moreover, shuffle and repeat your favorite playlist multiple times in Spotify Premium Apk.

Spotify Premium Apk

 Ad-free HD Streaming

Spotify Premium Apk

Tired of skipping the ads that buzz off every now and then?

Download Spotify Premium Apk to make your life easy.  Want to listen to your favorite playlist in the best quality available.  Stream into any soundtrack at three music qualities of 96 kbps, 160 kbps, and 320 kbps. No need to worry. As Spotify Premium Apk makes you available the songs of your choice at ultra-premium music quality.

Artist Information

Spotify Premium

Planning to get information about your favorite bands’ upcoming performance?

Now you can easily do that by hitting the side panel option of Spotify Premium that appears whenever you listen to any song. Click on it and get the latest news regarding the upcoming events or award ceremonies that your favorite artist is going to attend.

Playlist Synchronization:

Spotify Premium

Want all your songs on one platform?

Connect your Shazam application with Spotify Premium free apk to make a separate Shazam playlist in your Spotify App.  Along with it, 30 new soundtracks get added in your playlist every Monday, if you create a “Discover Weekly” archive on your Ifft application.  So, no need to switch to every application to search for a hot track you once heard a long time ago.

Linkage with Soundhound

Most of the times, while streaming a melodious song in Spotify premium apk, you would like to search for its mesmerizing lyrics. Instead of rushing back to Google Chrome to search for its lyrics, click on the listen button on your Soundhound app. The inbuilt music identification interface would automatically detect the song that you heard on your Spotify Premium free apk and display its lyrics on your smartphone screen.

Facing Problem while downloading your favorite song?

Click here: Music Download Apps and Android.

spotify premium

Deleted Playlists

If you download Spotify Premium apk, you would get to know that you can easily recover all your deleted playlists in one go. Simply open the menu bar in your Spotify Premium App and push the Recover Playlist Option. All your deleted playlist would start appearing here.

Jam around with your friends by making your own Spotify playlist that you can easily listen with your friends. Simply open Spotify account in your desktop. Open the “File” option in your navigation bar and click on the Create New Playlist button. Now drag and drop all the songs of your choice in your new playlist. Note that a new playlist can only be created by opening your Spotify account on your desktop. You can then open them in your smartphone once the list has been made.

Get rid of your Monday Blues and make your day by downloading Spotify Premium App.

Download Spotify Premium

Want to know the Step-by-Step procedure to Download Spotify Premium? Stream into your favorite songs by downloading it. Create your own desired ringtones in simple clicks with 5 Best Ringtone Maker Apps For Android 2018.

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