How to Disable Google Assistant on Any Android Device

December 21, 2018

Personal assistants have become part of every device and gadget, this trend started with the voice commands and gradually it lead it to the voice assistant which listens, interpret, action, reply and deliver on the voice queries of the users.  However, sometimes it can accidentally start when you are talking to someone by reading your voice hence for few it turns out annoying, for some, it is not a useful app and they look forward to stopping or uninstall it. As we know that it is a built-in feature by Google, it might create some issue while you try to force stop that. For the proper guide, this article has all the steps to disable Google Assistant on any Android device whether you want to eliminate it from the smartphones or tablets. The presence of Google most advance and solid personal assistant can be turned off by following the below steps as this app might not be enough to satisfy every user.

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How to Disable Google Assistant on Any Android Device

Disable the Google Assistant

This AI assistant of Google may have all the qualities but somehow it won’t be the one you need. The disable functionality won’t make you suffer for anything or don’t be afraid that this built-in feature might affect your smartphone performance or create any lag/hang during the usage.  The two options will let you disable the Google Assistant, one from the Google app settings and the second by entering into the Google Assistant settings.

First of all simply activate the Google Assistant by voice or the home button of your device.

Now after activating the Google Assistant simply tap on the compass button located on the right upper of the assistant window.

Then tap on the three dots located on the right upper of the screen.

Now after the above step, you will simply get five options ‘Account’, ‘Settings’, ‘My Activity’, ‘Help’ and ‘Send feedback’.

Go to the ‘Settings’ option.

After this step now you are into the Google Assistant settings.

Look for the “Assistant” tab and select it.

Then simply scroll down to select the “Phone” option from the ‘Assistant device’ section.

At the final stage, you will have to look and select the disable Google Assistant option.

That’s it now you are done, as now if you have done all the steps successfully then your Google Assistant will get deactivated.

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How to Disable Google Assistant on Any Android Device


Deactivate the Google Assistant button

The other thing which could be required to vanish is the Google Assistant button, which can be easily done through the mobile phone settings.

First of all simply open the phone settings.

From the settings select the “Installed apps” option.

Tap on the three dots located on the right upper corner of the screen.

Go to the “Default apps” option and select it.

Next, select the “Assist & voice input” option.

After that now select the first option named “Assist app”.

Further, go to the option “None” and tap on it.

That’s it now you are done.

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How to Disable Google Assistant on Any Android Device

Reactivate Google Assistant

However, later if sometimes you want to reactivate the Google Assistant you can go into Assistance and voice input moreover, configure what assistance application you want to run while performing a long press on the Start button.

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