Count Your Steps With These 7 Free Pedometer Apps

May 16, 2018

Every step counts! This saying is indeed true in every aspect including exercising. People these days are becoming quite conscious about their weight and fitness levels. It is actually a good thing that individuals are taking measures to lead a healthy life. Joining gym is a good idea, but the gym is not the only option. One can actually drop their calories without even spending specific time for exercising or any other physical activity. Instead try to increase your daily step count and gradually, you will see the difference. Well, you might want to take help of your activity tracking app to know how many steps you are taking on a regular basis, how much distance you have covered or how many calories you have burned. Especially, for tracking your steps there are free pedometer apps available, which you can download from either Play Store or App Store based on the OS platform. So, here we list out a few pedometer apps, which you can install on your smartphones and start using them right away.

1. Pedometer:

The first app we include in our list is Pedometer. Available on the Google Play Store, this is a great app that records all the steps you take. The app also takes into account the number of calories you have burned, walking distance, walking time as well as speed. It displays all the information related to your activity and keeps you updated. Besides, this Pedometer Dubai app considers your gender and weight and suggests the number of calories you should burn further. This application is quite easy to understand and use. It doesn’t consume much of your phone’s battery and you can also customize it with your favorite themes.

Free Pedometer Apps

2. ViewRanger:

ViewRanger is the next app on our list. This application is not specifically designed for counting steps. But it is of great use for hikers and explorers who frequently try such interesting activities. This application is available with several trail guides and walks around the world. It comes with an integrated navigation system that lets you navigate outdoor activities. It is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Also, it works with Android wear and takes help of GPS for tracking the steps, distance covered and includes sharing option as well.

Free Pedometer Apps

3. Fitbit:

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, this Fitbit app works on all the devices. Fitbit is a wonderful application that is considered the best for keeping track of everyday activities. Whether it is workouts, steps, calories burned, or sleep, it tracks and records every activity and provides updates. You can even connect it with a Fitbit tracker, record your activities, and even monitor your heart rate. This helps you set healthy goals and gives suggestions like how much sleep is necessary, weight management, healthy foods and water intake details as well.

Free Pedometer Apps

4. Pacer:

Pacer is another step counter app that is designed for both iOS and Android platforms. This app is just like a digital fitness coach residing in your smartphone. It helps you set fitness goals, develop healthy habits and involve in different physical activities that help burn enough calories. With this app, you also have an option of socializing by joining groups and share your goals, which also acts as a motivation to do much better.

Free Pedometer Apps

5. MapMyWalk:

MapMyWalk is our next suggestion of step tracker app to have on your smartphones. What makes this app more interesting to use is, it allows you to make challenges with your friends and encourage you to set new goals. MapMyWalk counts each and every step that you take while giving details of calories burned, distance, pace and more. Using this, you can also map your route, record all your activities and maintain a proper diet as well. It is available on Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Gear Fit 2 and other Apple Watches such as Apple Watch Series 3, or the Apple Watch Sports Series 1. Moreover, the upcoming Apple Watch 4 is said to sport the EKG Monitor to detect any abnormality relating to the heart. Check here for details of Samsung Gear S4 with anticipated features.

Free Pedometer Apps

6. Moves:

Be it walking, running, cycling or any other activity, Moves app automatically tracks your movements. Just like other apps, it measures the distance you have covered, duration, number of steps and even calories dropped. Suitable for both iOS and Android devices, this app can be connected to other apps and services. In also allows adding gym training and other activities on your Apple device such as iPhone X. All that you have to do is to install and carry your phone whenever you are taking steps or doing different activities.

Free Pedometer Apps

7. Accupedo Pedometer:

Another best apps that we recommend at a great pedometer price in UAE is Accupedo Pedometer. This app is better known for the accuracy it gives in tracking the activities throughout the day. It comes with intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithms to record only walking patterns and exclude activities other than walking. It is easy on the battery and includes power saving mode. This app sends regular notifications and messages, includes activity charts, daily log history, and customized settings as well.

Free Pedometer Apps

So, these are some of the finest Pedometer apps we recommend to use on both Android and iOS platforms available at a reasonable pedometer price in UAE. It can be any device like a smartphone, tablet or even a smartwatch. Also, check out the 7 ways to get fit using Apple SmartWatch. A few weeks ago, news came out stating that Apple will be introducing GymKit platform in UAE, which can be connected to compatible Technogym cardio equipment.

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